The TRUTH! You Can't Handle the TRUTH! Or Can You? NEW!!! Test

  • Think you could handle hearing All the TRUTH All the time? I don't knoowww.... Using common scenarios, I've laid out for you the opportunity to see how much TRUTH YOU CAN TAKE!
  • 1
    It's Friday night and you're out to dinner with friends. You order a steak and ask for it medium-well. When it comes to the table, with blood all over the plate, you...

  • 2
    You ask your boyfriend/girlfriend if they think you've been gaining weight. They tell you the TRUTH and say yes, you...

  • 3
    You go see your boss for a quarterly review. He/she tells you the TRUTH, that your performance has left much to be desired. You react by...

  • 4
    You tell your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend that they are the best sex you've ever had. They respond by telling you the TRUTH, that you're not at the top of the list but, "You're up there!" You:

  • 5
    It's time for another family dinner. (Didn't we just do this?) This time your mother has a wee bit too much to drink and tells you she's always favoured your sister/brother over you. You...

  • 6
    It's Christmas (don't worry, not for another 10 months!) and you buy your spouse/partner/friend a gift you're sure they will adore! They open it and are silent. They look at you and say, seriously? THIS is what you got me? You...

  • 7
    You're reminiscing one eveing with friends, over wine and cocktail weenies. Over the course of the night, you learn something very disturbing. None of your friends care for your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse. How do you think you'd react?

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