• I know I’m hopping onto the Dennis Cole bandwagon a little late in the game, but as a fan of the master’s work, I feel I have every right to pay homage to him regardless of how Johnny-come-lately it may seem. I can’t count the number of Dennis Cole tests I’ve encountered on this site that are either severely lacking in accurate biographical factualization, neglectful in its comprehensive administering of said bio-data, or shamefully derelict in granting Mr. Cole his due and proper respect. To combat the discourteous, and almost insolent, tests on this site, I have designed the ULTIMATE Dennis Cole examination. I don’t claim to be special in that particular regard – for we all have our own personal Dennis Cole moments and memories – but I do believe that my test will cover ground that no other on this site, or perhaps anywhere, has trekked before. So please, get out your Bearcats! mouse pad, play your bootlegged copy of Dennis Cole: Live at the Holland-American Cruise Lines Dinner Lounge CD, and take a long look at the inspirational signed photograph hanging above your computer, because it’s time to test your knowledge of the Thespian Emeritus himself, Dennis Cole.

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