• This test will measure what you value in life that came from your upbringing, beliefs instilled in you from early childhood, and wether you chose in adulthood to live life in accord with your upbringing. There no wrong answers in this test but the degree of principle values retained will indicate if your way different now then when you were taught how God played a role in life, how important family is, how love of freedom of speech love for country should be and how you'd like to be treated in comparison of how you treat others. The result of this test may bring to light if the match you choose possesses those same qualities in mind, body, soul and that might indicate your background and upbringing having been quite similar and or your differences today being quite the opposite. In other words are you the same today or did you change radically.
  • Hi! Share your thoughts with me and you'll have my attention, Share your heart with me you'll have my love, share your soul with me you'll experience ifinite passion, share all three with me and you'll have a serial manogamous soulmate for eternity. Do you communicate your thoughts easily and thoroughly: Yes No Sometimes When sharing mind thoughts are they sincere and from the heart: Yes No Never The deep feelings you have in your soul do you share those: Yes No Almost Never
  • No love connection that's O.K. too, I'm the kind of friend if your sick I'll bring you chicken soup, if your sad & blue I'll make you laugh, and if all you need a true friend at the moment I'll be there for you! That's The Real Me. How many real friends do you thinks you have: 1-2 3-4 More Would they be there at your side holding your hand if you were terminally ill till the end: Yes No Maybe Sometimes Are you making real friends now that'll be there for you if your sick, sad or blue or if you just need them to listen to what your going through: Yes No

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