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  • "Rarely is the question asked: Is our children RAPING?" A kindergarten girl is charged with sexually assaulting four classmates. Two kids are prosecuted as both victims and sex offenders after one gets pregnant. The Catholic church relocates pedophiles, but frowns on condoms. Five prostitutes are murdered in England while a girl on LiveJournal whines about how a man didn't force her to have intercourse, but how it was still "almost RAPE!" Truly, these are confusing times. Sex is hard enough without having to worry about whether or not it was RAPE!, too. Is it RAPE! if the girl is drunk? What about the guy? What if you are both drunk, can you RAPE! each other? Is it RAPE! if you are role-playing RAPE!? Is it RAPE! if they change their minds halfway thru? Is is RAPE! if your caught fucking someone ugly and your friends find out and you say it was RAPE! just so you don't look trampy? What if their eyes said *yes*? If things are bad for the RAPE!r, they are only worse for the RAPE!ee. What if I liked it? What if I asked them to RAPE! me first? What if they RAPE!d my ass, does that count? What if their dick just happened to fall in during a routine masturbation session? What if I used a sophisticated system of pulleys to force them to RAPE! me so I could sue them later? Well never fear, the answer is here! Our powers of ass-clowning will clarify things for you, the RAPE!d, instantly. We will give power back to you, the victim, by defining if you indeed are a victim, a curious fan, or just a lame RAPE! wannabee, looking for validation. Take it, bitch!
  • Or don't. I respect your right to say NO!!!