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  • This WHAT KIND OF PARENT YOU'D BE test is a one of a kind! It uses unique and psychological values that most tests don't use in order to more accurately read your mind and come up with a more correct answer. Those who know me know that I tend to use different and "situational" logic to determine the character of people, rather than the usual straightforward questions. *** Some stuff you should know *** LOGIC- is used to determine basically how "fair" and/or how much actual mathematical sense you would make decision/philosophywise. If you are traditionalistic, this will probably be lowered drastically. TRADITIONAL- is used to determine whether you let tradition guide your life and decisions, or not. RESPECT- is used to determine how much you actually respect your children as individuals and how you see them as people *Notice how I didn't include 'love' as a variable- loving your children will have nothing to do with how you raise them. This is purely a "government test". This useful test will help you determine what kind of people both you and your children will be towards each other, and I also hope you enjoy it. Good Luck!