• Welcome to the dark times of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, a wonderful game from Games Workshop. Imagine a late medieval world where humans trust to early firearms to combat daemons, where the once-great dwarfs hold their long-hated adversaries, the elves, in an honour-bound conflict that seems destined to kill off both beleagured races, where the insidious rat-men known as Skaven plot to destroy the hateful world above (if their madcap inventions don't destroy their masters first), where the crude war-chants of muscular green-skinned orcs pair off with the unnatural silence of a legion of skeletons as the two forces smash into each other. In such a world, where might you find yourself? Hopefully, this test, developed by your faithful scribe Creaux, of the Royal Altdorf Academy, shall be of some use. And keep in mind that this world is a large place, and no two generals are truly alike. I write this test with the most common general of such a force in mind. (Soooo incredibly much intellectual property stolen savagely and silently from Games Workshop. So don't think I'm that good at drawing, and don't try to make your friends think you are, either, sucka!)

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