• Well met ye be, traveler, and welcome to the Archmage test. Herein, ye shall plumb the secrets of awesome Art beyond thy wildest imaginings and the deepest desires of thy inner being. Which of six archmages does thy personality and true self most resemble? For those of ye experienced with the fiction and diversions of ye olde Wizards of the Coast, this test may seem familiar to ye.
  • (I make no claims of ownership over any art ye may find in this test. It belongs, more appropriately, to Wizards of the Coast and/or to the individual artists, with all appropriate copyrights enforced. In particular, several images are scans of the work of the fabulous Todd Lockwood (www.toddlockwood.com -- buy his stuff!) Many thanks. I also apologize, in advance, if this test may seem somewhat gender-imbalanced. Such shall be remedied in the future.)

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