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  • If you're like me, then you've probably been plagued by the following question since your formative years: if I were caught in a trans-dimensional slip-up and ended up being catapulted into a realm of existence that operated by the laws of the AD&D rulebooks, then which heroic adventuring class would I be best suited for? After sitting atop the highest mountain in my native land, hand upon chin, for several years, I returned to society enlightened. Not only had I discovered my own answer, but I had also discovered the key to answering this question for others. Unfortunately, by the time I had this discovery, Wizards of the Coast had bought out TSR and released 3rd ed... so it was back up to the top of the mountain for another couple years for me. I am back once more, enlightened once again, and ready to share my results... what, they released v. 3.5? NOOOOOOOoooooooo! *sobs*
  • Whatever, I don't care... here is the test. Oh, and this is based upon your preferred method of interacting with life/obstacles, and not upon your potential as it currently stands (or "stats," if you will).