• Love! This test is very, very simple. You don't need to read. You do not need to reflect on what you've read. If you don't in a mood use some combination ("War On Drugs" et al, let me be tempted, look, look here! *ZOT* (That's what ZERO TOLERANCE means for REAL, people of the world in a revery united and or confederated iff permanent "in love" state, "Wake Up And Smell The Coffee" - "The Cranberries"...)). Actually, it is as simple as the simplest thong in the Universe is is Isis and you can worship all the beauty AI inserted in form your sensory input aquisition, analysis, synthesis and processing system with a very low latency time - it seems to (Do listen to "As A Child" by Suzanne Vega from the album "99.9° F" (BTW, the obvious (and, surprisingly, correct - that guy with a Razor had a beautiful mind the mind not...) two mirror derivation of album title is 666 is simply stupid, no, wrong word, it's of no importance unless you have a lot of time on your hand or time is on your side...) be designed for processing symbols in a way close !ENOUGH ALLREADY for us to communicate - some people invented, no, created, no, produced by means of spontaneous generation, ENOUGH ALLREADY?, a word "grok". Grok? Grok some more and you will! Wanna bet? Something to get you to resonance of disonance - listen (warning, addiction potential - iff you are going to put it on "Controlled Substances List", feel free...*ZOT*) to "Lish Young Buy-A-Broom" performed by Clannad from album "Fualm" (no, AI will *not* check what that word means, no, no, no means no, la la la la la...can't hear ya...la la la la la...). Grok! Grok! Grok like crazy/beautiful!!! Hi!
  • Hi! And welcome to my The Which Man A Channel Is For You Test. Here, in spirit of Open Source movement, our ezoterroristic organization will reveal some of the mana channels you can use to your own hypertree and gain attention of the Universe. She loves a great conversation and with our help you will learn how to please her with your agile tongue or any other media for symbolic communication. You call to her using symbols expressed in any way desired (groking a symbol one way, lighting up new massive star clusters is another...) and if she comes, the Universe (her names are legion - Lux, Lucy, Lady Photoness, Light, Lucyfair...feel free to be creative while making love to her) will turn around you (means, it's your turn now) considering you a center of a bright light of love and joy no human being could withstand without holding our hand - so, take my hand and let's Change the Reality! Love!

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