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  • For those not in the know, "Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers" was the greatest television series ever created by mankind. In Plato's "The Republic," he outlined the basic idea of two chipmunks, two mice, and a fly solving crimes. In "The Divine Comedy," Dante elucidates on the nobleness inherent of using a craft made from a bleach bottle and a balloon to thwart injustice. And who can forget Linus Pauling's groundbreaking paper, "The Interpersonal Realtionship Dynamics of Living in The Tallest Oak in Central Park?" This test has been hammered out to discover your inner Rescue Ranger. Of course, maybe you'll get pegged as one of the villains, in which case you may want to dwell on that. If you have seen the show, I'll remind you that this is not a test to find out which character is your favorite; you already know that. There's no "Do you like coveralls" questions in here. If you never heard of the series, then don't sweat it -- it'll probably make it more honest since you won't be pulling for a favorite. And then it'll be a great excuse to watch some episodes! Do some research! Note: I don't have images for all of the characters. Sorry 'bout that.