• Hello! Welcome to the WHO ARE YOU REALLY TEST! Tests like these are important in learning about the self and building good relationships with others, which is why the test has to be so long. The underlying traits which I've addressed in this test seem to cause problems when they surface, so do yourself a favor and learn your real personality. Once you take this test, you can FURTHER analyze your self with my "ACTIVE PERSONALITY TEST" (which is designed to come after this test) that determines how you function with other people, rather than your personal state of mind, like this test. Take both these tests so you can understand you better, understand people better, or maybe even hook yourself up with the person who scored the same as you! Good Luck!
  • *The categories still need pictures. I might add them in later if I can. Sorry, but I unknowingly got the answers mixed up with the questions somehow, so just don't pay attention to them. ** Tell me if there is a certain question I could have changed or if there is a question I missed (haha!) Thanks!

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