• Welcome to the Will of the Die test. Many people have sought direction in their life and have turned to self-help books, internet gurus, the bible, college, that mechanical gypsy teller thing at the boardwalk...Me? I use something a little more practical: DICE! That's what this test is for, what is the will of the die for you? This test will track two things, how chaotic your life will become (as determined by the dice) and how willing you are to do what the dice tells you. For this test, you will need dice! Any dice, or your favorite electronic die roller/random number generator. Of course, I prefer real table top dice, but that's just me. In theory, you give the die several options THAT YOU WILL PERFORM! And then you roll, whatever it tells you to do, you do it! You do not give it anything you would feel uncomfortable doing, or something you would chicken out doing. Of course, for this test, I've made the choices already, so, you may not agree with everything. I do what I can. So, are you ready to cast the die and see where we land?

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