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  • Boys are stupid. I do not mean to generalize. I do not mean to suggest that girls don't have stupid moments. However, when guys REALLY don't get girls, then it's because they are DUMB. So here is a test, so that you nor I waste our time. Lets see if you actually "get" me -- or if I would get you. In the off-chance that you do well, please, send me a message. Otherwise? I just don't think it would work out between us. Whoops. Sorry. Note, as a question of intelligence -- if you do not live near me, why the hell would you take this test? You don't have a shot. I don't intend to date or talk to anybody outside a 100-mile radius of where I am. That would just be, well, dumb. Also, I really don't want to date someone who is more than five years older than me, so if you're over 27 -- might as well move along.