• This test will determine which daring knight of history you most resemble.  Also, if you want to see your results, don't answer the "Optional Questions" at the end of the test, just skip them.

  • 1

    Your ruler wants you to seize another lord's territory.  You:

  • 2

    Do you own any property, or do you plan to anytime soon?

  • 3

    What's your oppinion on drug use?

  • 4

    How religious are you?

  • 5

    The law is:

  • 6

    Crime is:

  • 7

    Your ruler is dying:

  • 8

    What is you oppinion on apprentices?

  • 9

    Can you be bought?

  • 10

    You are:

  • 11

    You like:

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