my best face


Attention, narcissists! Wouldn’t you like to know which one of your profile pictures actually makes you look your best? Well, we made a little tool to figure it out for you. It’s called MyBestFace.

iPhone app

The OkCupid iPhone App

With our iPhone app, you can
• Browse and rate profiles
• Send and receive messages
• Search for matches in your area
• Upload pics from your phone
And so much more


Match Map

Find which states match you best! Answer some match questions to find which states have the best (and worst) matches for you.


Flowchart To My Heart

Create a visual representation of what you care about in a match. It’s a path from “Hello” to burning rejection. Or a first date.


Official Dating Research

At OkCupid we have a lot of fun analyzing user data and trends. The other night, after some beer drinking and script writing, we decided to publish our most interesting findings. Herein you’ll find the results of our research.

“He said it.” Speech Bubbles

The Psychologist Game

These are real people, volunteers from the site. They’ve all agreed to be your patients, Doctor. What are you waiting for? Diagnose them!

Triangles, Squares, Boxes, Circles

Shapes In Your Face

It’s a game. It puts shapes in your face. Yeah. Exactly.

The Far Wilds

The Far Wilds

An online game by OkCupid investor, Jed. Configure an army and fight on a random battlefield! The Far Wilds is a turn based strategy game with endless possibilities. If you like Magic: The Gathering, you’ll love The Far Wilds.