Aug 18, 2009 10:21am

The wost date I had was with a guy who creeped me out by driving into deep country without me knowing where we were. When I told him it was late and I needed to go home he stalled. It was kinda weird.


Aug 18, 2009 11:55am

my weirdest date was when i met with this guy in college, i sat down since i diddnt see him and he was there.  we walked and he diddnt say anything.  i started to ask him questions about himself and not much.  we ate lunch together and then i went back to my dorm.  he keeps saying that the date was amazing and he wants to hang out with me more, and all i can think about is how gross he was and that he said nothing during the whole date.  he still tries to talk to me, but at least he wasnt a creap. 


Aug 18, 2009 3:05pm

I was STOOD UP!!! :(


Aug 18, 2009 3:43pm

We met up at a bookstore and within the first few minutes he slapped my ass. Then he stood next to me and put his arm around me and said, "I could get used to this." We went to lunch and he hurried up and paid for his before I even ordered, and when we sat down we had a lot of awkward conversation, most of which he spent staring at my chest. He then reached over the table to grab my chest, and I told him I needed to leave. He drove me to my car and sat talking about how he's "not against sleeping with someone on the first date", and if he doesn't "get" to sleep with them, "a blowjob or something would be nice". I jumped out of his car and basically ran away.


Aug 18, 2009 4:35pm

So two obvious errors made so far, why are you getting into the car of these guys you don't know on the first date?

Um mine was probably showed up, chick was substantially fatter than I expected. She seemed nice, we had lunch, I booked it. Actually, I have to say my online dates have gone much better than I would expect.


Aug 19, 2009 1:57pm

And your obvious error is that you're an asshole. Why does a girl's size matter, anyway? If you have a certain "type", which most people do, maybe you should do your research before you meet up with her. Ask her if she has any more photos, it's not that hard. If you can do it without being a douche bag.


Aug 19, 2009 3:03pm

My continuing nightmare dates are with women who are clones of "Aunt Bea" from the Andy Griffith show.  Don't get me wrong ... this has almost nothing to do with their appearance, although they DO tend to look like her.  It has to do with their being fussy prudes who have very little of interest to say, and insist on saying it in a whiney voice.

(P.S. Some women who look the same way have been VERY satisfactory dates.  You can't tell by appearances alone.)


Aug 19, 2009 3:15pm

That's unfortunate, Gold. I know what you're talking about and I would not like to meet anyone like that, whether on a date or just as a friend. And thank you for your mature response, I don't mean because of your age, but because it is a sophisticated answer that not everyone completely understands. Not everything can be based on appearances alone.


Aug 19, 2009 3:23pm

Just ONE????? lol


Aug 19, 2009 3:41pm

The weirdest date I went on involved us driving up to a party at Otterbein that one of her friends was throwing.  Unfortunately, she didn't remember what house it was at, so we just ended up walking around looking for it.  We stopped at some sorority house where we BSed for a while, until suddenly five drunk girls make out with this overweight high school kid that happened to be there, all in a row.  Then one threw up, all over the porch we were sitting on.  I laughed.  When we finally got to this party (I was doubting its existance at this point), a fight broke out and it basically ended.  I seem to remember a baseball bat being involved, but I can't remember the details of the event.


There was no second date, but that was because we had no chemistry and not because of how weird the date ended up being.


Aug 19, 2009 4:20pm

I dated a woman from this site who didn't download a picture...and for good reason, a fact I learned when I saw her.  Throughout the date, she talked to me with a snobby, pretentious tone, as if she didn't want to go on the date that she agreed to and train rode all the way out east from New York City.  We had lunch but she didn't get as talkative as she did all the time she talked to me on the phone.  I took her to the train station after almost an hour and a half of torture.

I also dated a 5' Philipina, queensgirl29, who OKCupid said I was more enemy than friend or match.  We hit it off well online but the face-to-face date was held in the overly business congested area of Woodside by the 61st Street station.  With nothing to do than walk around the area, looking at shops, she ended our date early because "she didn't feel a connection", i.e. lost interest out of spite.    


Aug 20, 2009 1:00am

We met up for coffee, he seemed normal until he started asking me sexual questions...what I liked, what I didnt like...when I wouldnt answer he proceed to tell me all of his sexual needs and likes. I literaly grabbed my things and walked out while he was talking. I mean why would he think this is okay conversation, he didnt even know what I did for a living. I was never flirty or unclear in our conversation or online. I wish i could find someone honest, and normal:)


Aug 20, 2009 2:08am

Met him on Yahoo Personals. He asked me to pick him up, said his car was in the shop. Turns out he lost his license for DUI. We go to a few clubs/bars. He tries to get me drunk; it doesn't work. He DOES get drunk. He wants to go to his 'house' to watch a movie, directs me there. Turns out he lives at the Holiday Inn. For some reason I go with him to his room, where he puts on The Passion of the Christ and proceeds to try to get in my pants. I retain said pants and leave shortly after. He's falling-down drunk and in nothing but his silk boxers with his junk showing.

The sad part is I saw him again.


Aug 20, 2009 2:32am

Within 20 minutes she was talking about what our kids would look like, asking if I would move into her place or she would move into mine, said she wanted to get married in a traditional church and mentioned I didn't need protection.  She didn't show any of her crazy online.


Aug 20, 2009 2:32am

^ pathetic, with respect to both parties

^^ define normal.  some people think talking about sex is normal.  i do it all the time.  if you dont specify what is or is not off limits to strangers, expect to be surprised.

usually its the date is fatter than advertised.  im always wary of the 'myspace angles' and usually wont meet somebody if they dont have a couple body shots, but a lot of times these are outdated or for any number of reasons not accurate as to their everyday appearance.  i expect by now the woman im meeting will be significantly less attractive than how she portrays herself, just like im probably not going to be as interesting or funny in real life as on the internet.  seems fair.

worst?  there was the one who needed a ride to visit her parole officer at the end of the date!


Aug 20, 2009 6:26am

I went on a date with someone that I am 100% positive is in love with his best friend. 


Aug 20, 2009 1:32pm

Worst? A gal I met in a chat room last year, who turned out to be a 19-year-old divorced goth who only wanted to hookup with any guy just to hide from her ex, a local tuff guy who didn't want her to leave. She constantly was text-ing and taking calls from her other friends on her cell phone during our first, and last, meeting.


Aug 20, 2009 2:13pm

^ OMG. Did you not know her age at all first?! She is like 50 years younger than you!


Aug 20, 2009 4:24pm


you fail at math


Aug 20, 2009 4:35pm

Well after reading all of those mine isn't so bad. The girl called and asked if we could have dinner, I said yes. When I get there she and her LITTLE! sister are there and it was just so weired because her sister didnt stop staring at me and didnt eat her food and the girl I was suppose to be having dinner with wouldnt stop staring at her sister, and she hardly said anything the whole time I did most of the talking but she said she had a great time! Then wanted to set up another date her sister came along on that one as well. That was the last time I talked to her, I gave up.

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