Nov 24, 2012 7:51am

I have a feeling my profile isn't working well. I get hits, but no responses. I don't know if its my pics or what I've written, but I would like some advice from someone who knows a little more.



Nov 24, 2012 9:22am

The self-summary part is a bit of a laundry list. Many, many, many people put down things like "I'm this, this and this" instead of SHOWING you are those things be giving examples. You work in TV and travel? That should be very attractive to others, so mention a specific story that shows you are successful and fun.

If you are "doing things around the house", give a specific example. "Pulling out the woodworking tools to put the finishing touches on my home extension. Soon I'll be breakfasting in sunlight" that, but better and more 'you'.

Also, it should be "lose" at the end, not "loose".


Dec 3, 2012 1:22pm

"I've been told I'm a great guy, funny, outgoing, weird, unique and caring." 

No.  This is everyone who describes him or herself.

"I'm not sure of the weird part, but I'll let you decide on that one."

How about telling us something funny about you?  Go with something brief that gives someone a reason to contact you for more of the story.

"I'm looking for my other half, my partner in crime. Someone that is happy to go out and spend the day exploring the world or curling up on the couch with a bottle of wine and a good movie. Above all please be yourself."

No, no, no . . . especially that first line.  Look, we're all strangers.  Some people are going to get together like rabbits and call it a day, but if you're really looking for a nice woman, don't put on this kind of pressure.  Job #1 is getting to know each other.  Be fun.  Also, your profile picture should be the second one--the one without the glasses.  Most of us don't want badasses.  We want someone with an inviting personality.  You have a nice expression in the one picture.  Go with it.

BTW, mountain bikes are much cooler.  ;-)


Dec 3, 2012 4:27pm

Do you always have that stubble on your chin? I mean, is it a style to keep just a little growth there, ie, not a beard, but not clean-shaven?

Just wondering.


Dec 3, 2012 6:02pm

Probably gravy.


Dec 3, 2012 6:05pm

Nah, that's just swag. Isn't it brah?

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