Jan 23, 2014 9:49pm

Title says it all, I guess?


Jan 24, 2014 8:43am

I'd write to you (if you were 5 years older and 4100 miles closer). What's with everyone suddenly liking Lykke Li? Is she suddenly popular in the US? You're the second profile I've seen today mentioning her.

Wait -- you do mean the band Rites of Spring that gave Picciotto to Fugazi, not the Stravinsky ballet The Rite of Spring, right? (So you're not perfect.) And what the hell is wrong with "yolk"?

The hard thing about your profile is figuring out what a guy would find to write to you about. You're intellectual and esoteric enough that only a small subset of guys will connect with most of what's in your profile (although those are probably the guys you want to meet). And you're pretty enough that you'll get a lot of crap messages no matter what. My own efforts would be based largely on the things I wrote above (and on hoping you'd like the Audrey Hepburn reference in my own profile). I think you've got enough there to find a suitable match, if you can sift through the inevitable flood of crap.

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