May 11, 2012 3:12pm

since "see who rated you highly" is now an a-list feature, does quickmatch work for free users anymore?


May 11, 2012 3:32pm

I don't see why not.

Why don't you try it?



May 11, 2012 3:43pm

it doesnt make sense to have that as an a list feature  because if i do quickmatch and rate someone high, they would see that I rated them high anyway and vice versa


May 11, 2012 4:14pm

I see what you're saying.

Well I would imagine you could have QuickMatch without the 'mystery' thing, which never did anything for me anyway. It would just be a place to get a string of matches suggested to you with parts of their profile visible. Easier than doing a match search and clicking on each profile separately.



May 11, 2012 4:30pm

Well, they did away with the mystery thing a little while ago - when you rated someone a 4 or 5, supposedly a message gets sent to them saying who it was, none of that 4 other people stuff like it used to be.

When you rate someone 4 or 5 stars, we’ll let them know. And we’ll send you an email whenever someone rates you 4 or 5 stars.

So I'm not sure what the new feature is. Just a list of these people? Or did they take away the old functionality?

Though with that said, I think the whole thing is stupid - if you think someone is worth rating 4 or 5 stars, just email them for crying out loud. (And no, I'm not at all bitter no one has ever rated me 4 or 5 stars, heh)


May 11, 2012 4:57pm

Dude, give A-list a try


May 11, 2012 5:36pm

I use the star thing mostly as a crude sorting system for profiles here. IE "people to eventually get back to", etc. Some people use it for their buddies, some people use it to flag profiles that have interesting stuff in 'em, etc etc.



May 11, 2012 11:30pm

This is how this system is now: (After the new A-list feature)

  • If you rate someone 4 or 5 stars, they will not get an email, or on-site email notification about it.
  • If you rate someone 4 or 5 stars, and they rate you 4 or 5 stars, you will get a match email, and an on-site email.


They forgot to remove the "When I’m rated 4-5 stars" option under email notifications...


May 15, 2012 5:55am

Characid: You are wrong. Why you jumped to that conclusion is a mystery to me! 4/5 star email notifications work exactly the same now as they did before.


May 15, 2012 7:39am

4/5 star email notifications work exactly the same now as they did before.


That's good to know! I have been rating a bunch of people lately thinking they wouldn't get those emails.


May 15, 2012 10:41pm

I've had numerous people rate me 4-5 stars, and not had any email/on-site notifications of such.  I have "When I’m rated 4-5 stars" checked. 

If you want to test it just tell a friend you're going to rate them 4-5 stars, and to let you know if they get an email/on-site notification.  Tell them to do the same...


There may be other variables such as profile completeness, profile creation date, profiles corruption, or the changes haven't rolled out completely...


What I have described in my previous post is how it is for me currently.



May 16, 2012 5:22pm

Characid: Usually the reason for that is because OkCupid at some point in the past encountered a communication error attempting to email you and automatically disabled notifications as a result of it to manage system load and abusive traffic directed to possibly unwanted destinations.

I suggest you "uncheck" the option, save the setting, reset your email account details, then "re-check" it and re-save and wait a couple of days and see if its working.

That's what I usually do if email notifications stop working here.



May 24, 2012 10:37am

So, whats the point of star ratings anyway?  I mean if I rate people at 4-5 stars, and then I can't see who I rated unless I'm A-List, it doesn't do much good unless I guess I rate 50 or more people and it unlocks something?  I've gotten a couple of these emails in the past week that someone rated me four or five stars.  All I can do is check out their profile.  It doesn't look like I can see how many stars they actually did give me (4 or 5?  IDK).  So they know they rated me, but unless they are A-list they can't see it after the fact.  I know they rated me, but I don't know how many, and I don't see an option to "See who's rated me" (so I just save the email notifications I guess).  When I go to my profile there is no notification or indication that I was rated by anyone (other than my email notifications).  I am assuming that other random users can't see that I have been rated highly by others either.  So what's the point then?


 I find it kinda odd that the site encourages you to rate a lot of people, and if you should happen to rate someone 4 stars, they get an email "So and so is interested in you!" when that may not be the case at all.  I may not be interested, but I may think that the profile is a good one regardless.


May 25, 2012 6:43am

@Characid: Like I said, it works exactly the same way it used to. You never got ALL of the notifications, just the best ones, and there was a cooldown before you could get another one. This was to make sure that people who were getting 50+ ratings a day would only get at most 1-2 emails a day.

The A-List feature will show you everyone.


Jun 27, 2012 8:18pm

@sfguyyy:  Tried that twice and it didn't work.  I do get other messages though. "Such and such is checking you out; such and such sent you an message," etc.

@BecauseItOwns:  I just had someone new rate me highly, and I didn't receive an email or internal mail.  I don't see why they would put a cool down on emails they send me, as I don't have a ton of people rating me 4-5, etc.

If you got an email and internal mail saying someone rated you highly, what would be the point of the feature?


Jun 27, 2012 8:24pm

The point of the external email notices is to get people to login and read/reply to the internal email, since most people don't continuously monitor the website for new emails. (If you're using the mobile app and have it on all day then obviously you don't need the external email notices)

If you're getting other external email notices from OkCupid, then clearly it's not a generic delivery problem.



Nov 9, 2012 8:36am

How do i see the date they posted the rating?  I just joined A-list, but have been a free member since August, and some women rated me highly.  I want to know if it was a long time ago, or recently.  Is that possible?


Nov 9, 2012 5:33pm

I don't think it shows you dates in the ratings list.

You can only surmise based on the order in the list, and (for example) comparing that to the last time you looked at the list, or got a notice from a specific rater that they rated you highly.



Jan 3, 2013 4:50pm

My interface changed today (I just upgraded to A List a few days ago) and now no longer seem to be able to find a link for the who-I-rated or who-rated-me.  Are these going away?


Jan 3, 2013 5:03pm

Go here:

(There is a link on the quickmatch page.)

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