Not to be racist but which ethnicity do you find to be most attractive?



Nov 4, 2009 6:32am

This question is very racist. Prefacing it with "Not to be racist but" does not change that.


Nov 4, 2009 6:53am

Yes it is a racist question. I'll answer it straight forward tho. It has been my experience that while I have been sexual attracted to many black girls, they usually seem to have alot of pride, and a "dominating" type of personality. I'm not saying that they all do, but these qualities are a turn off for me. Although I have many black friends, and think that they are pretty cool. Chances are that I would not date a black girl, but I wouldn't rule someone out just because of their race. It's just the cultural background as far as I can tell. Same thing with asian girls, usually they've seemed to be too selfless, and kind of nerdy in my experiences... Another turn off. I wouldn't rule out someone just because they are asian, but if they exude those personalities characteristics I probabily would be too unattracted to date them. Indian girls are, again pretty sexy, but as soon as they think that the world revolves around them, or I am here only to serve them... turn off.

So really, for me, it not about race at all, but about up bringing, and personallity. I would most likely be inclined to date a white girl just because I know that she will probabily behave in a manner that I find attractive. However, as soon as a white girl starts acting "gangster," or white trash, because she thinks its cool... then its a turn off.

The bottom line is that as long as a girl behaves like a lady, and has similar values to me, then race makes no difference whatsoever. I'll date anyone.


Nov 4, 2009 7:04am

it's about the person, not the bloodline. there are attractive people of every race. if you're asking about most often, then white or asian probably...but that may very well be because those are the majority of the population i see on a daily basis.




Nov 4, 2009 11:46am

"Not to be racist, but there sure are a lot of colored people at this party." That is racist.

"Which race of people do you generally find more attractive." That is a question of aesthetics with a qualifier.

The word "Racist" has connotations which generally don't fit with polite conversation. Much like the term "parasite" for welfare recipients.

=D I like white girls. Specifically, German and Irish girls.


Nov 4, 2009 2:22pm

white. not to be racist.


Nov 4, 2009 7:12pm

typically my own, have met a couple a of potentials of other races but because of the cultural variation its much easier to be attracted to people of my own race.


Nov 4, 2009 8:27pm

i dont think its racist that i am most attracted to people who are the same race as me? its not like i consciously try to only like them [i am incuding "latin" (which to me is still rome but whatever i mean spanish here) as white because I dont beleive this is a 'race' and i find many like Salma Hyak and jennifer Lopez attractive] You cant force yourself to be attracted to something your not. of course people are individuals and a beautiful soul will count for more.


Nov 4, 2009 8:48pm

I don't want to choose between white or asian... why not both!


Nov 4, 2009 8:59pm

I'm incredibly picky, but I find that they're are good-looking people of pretty much each race.

I've found that generally the most attractive, and those with the fewest unattractive, people tend to be Asian. Second would be white, but there's a much broader spectrum there.


Nov 4, 2009 9:09pm

I responded on race because most people were answering it that way. But I just re-dead the question and noticed it asked what ETHNICITY [of course it gives choices that are races not ethnic groups] - and that one is much easier for me to answer: to me the Ethnicity I find most attractive is: Italian, Romanian, Greek in men or Italian, Hispanic and Irish in women. I can see the beauty in some Nordic looking men and women but blonde hair/blue eyes is just not personally my thing.


Nov 4, 2009 9:27pm

I am going to ramble on and on and on because I am bored.  Should I preface this with IANAS [i am not a (practicing) scientist]?

Anyway, here are my thoughts:

1.  about the question: the choices are extremely limiting and the groups are too large

2.  a lot of people who claim to not have racial preference are probably lying -- something like the Bradley effect

3.  there are some studies showing that people prefer to mate with other people with similar physical characteristics, for example, Buston PM, Emlen ST (2003) and Todd et al (2007).  people with similar racial heritage tend to look more alike.  both studies show via surveys that people like to mate with other people who are similar.  the second study shows in addition that, in reality, guys like girls who are good looking and girls like guys who are more like themselves.

4.  (3) is somewhat strange because genetic diversity can only increase the chances in which new traits are created and, hence, increase the rate at which adaptations are made, which is good for the species as a whole.  i think this is the case of greedy vs dynamic algorithm or everyone for himself vs collaborative effort -- "i don't care about people as a whole, i just want my off springs to succeed".  mating with similar other people reduces uncertainty.  mating with similar people gives me better judgment via Bayesian inference to pick a better mate, so (3) while strange, is justified.

5.  the data from the studies in (3) don't rule out the possibility that people prefer to mate with other people who are similar to those in their immediate environment.  for example, an black person growing up in a white neighborhood would probably prefer to mate with other white people -- who knows.  i think this seems to be true based on the data from oktrends, but they didn't analyze it to address this question.


blah, i don't feel like typing anymore.  anyway, my bottom line is that if you're racially biased in your mating habit, you're probably not in the minority. 


Nov 4, 2009 9:57pm

Genetically, there is no such thing as human "races". All humans we are the SAME "race" = species.

Philosophically or anthropologically, the notion of "race" also cannot resists the basic scrutiny.

So, what we are talking about here? Ah, it is this American commonplace - and bureaucratic/census category - comming from their particular history?

Defining "ethnicity" in the terms of the question is mere "racialism". "White", "black", "latino", etc. aren't ethnicity/~ties.


Nov 4, 2009 10:05pm

Except race doesn't equal species. That's PC nonsense. Go look up the definition of race in a dictionary:

1 : a breeding stock of animals
2 a : a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock b : a class or kind of people unified by shared interests, habits, or characteristics
3 a : an actually or potentially interbreeding group within a species; also : a taxonomic category (as a subspecies) representing such a group b : breed c : a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits
4 obsolete : inherited temperament or disposition
5 : distinctive flavor, taste, or strength

Anyway, I think this fails because it included "Latino", which isn't even a ethnicity, really, more a culture, but didn't include Middle Eastern/Semitic.


Nov 4, 2009 10:42pm

Its all a load of bollocks, every culture has beauty in its own way and they say its only skin deep anyway, personally i like beautiful women of all nationalites equally.


Nov 4, 2009 10:50pm

I think all of no_name_avail's reasons for not dating a particular race are stupid because the personalities he listed can be found in women of any ethnicity and background.



Nov 4, 2009 11:01pm


Nov 4, 2009 11:05pm

You can consider it a racist question, but that doesn't change the fact that people can be more attracted to certain races. That is not racist that is preference. Nowadays everything considered racist, get over it.


Nov 5, 2009 2:02am

sweet glamour:

"I think all of no_name_avail's reasons for not dating a particular race are stupid because the personalities he listed can be found in women of any ethnicity and background."

Like I said... My experiences. If every albino man that you met said to you, as soon as you met him, "touch my penis." Then what would you think of albino men?

Speaking of albinos. Why were Albinos excluded from the thread?. I think that Albinos deserve equal representation in this discussion. This is not politically correct at all. Come on guys. 

From now on include Albinos in your response.


Nov 5, 2009 2:26am

Mixed race is best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nov 5, 2009 4:03am

I'm glad other people had some thoughtful insight into this question. I agree that this is a very American discussion--confusing race and ethnicity. I also think that mixed-race people are often the most attractive. And I've only rarely been attracted to men who have similar heritage to myself.

The question about ethnicity is tough for me, since I grew up in the SF Bay Area and currently live in New York City. New Yorkers love to ask "what are you?" or "where are you from?" and they act annoyed if I say "Calfornia(n)". It is a strange culture we have, for sure.

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