What would be your attitude about being in a relationship with someone that has a genetic condition for which eating foods that contains gluten - wheat, barley, or rye - makes them sick?



Feb 22, 2009 10:08am

i nearly baked gluten free cookies earlier today. i could cope. i wouldn't stop eating glutenous things myself, but celiac et al are no reason to avoid a relationship.

Apr 13, 2009 8:44pm

Considering I have the gluten (and other) intolerance(s), I'd be a hypocrite to exclude anyone based on their medical issues. Two of my best friends are vegetarians, my dad and I are Celiac, and allergies run amok. I will cook, bake, modify, and consider it a creative challenge. Everyone will have SOMETHING to eat.

Apr 13, 2009 8:58pm

She doesn't eat wheat bread? UNACCEPTABLE.

Apr 14, 2009 5:34am

I've never heard of a genetic semen intolerance. With the rest, I see no problem.

Apr 14, 2009 6:58am

My ex wife was Vegan and I'm not. If I could survive years of that I don't see how this situation could be any diffrent.

Basic theory we had was You cook your dinner, I'll cook mine or we go out and let someone cook for us both.

Nov 19, 2011 12:05am

I'm gluten-free so it works out. Living in Los Angeles makes being Gluten-free a hell of a lot easier than most place, I'm sure. We have gluten-free bakeries and etc out here. :)

Before I discovered my gluten intolerance, I dated someone who was gluten-free and it wasn't that bad.


Nov 19, 2011 2:30am

I'm a gluten for punishment


Nov 24, 2011 5:46am

I like cake.


Nov 24, 2011 6:00pm

I'm currently seeing a girl (nothing serious) who's allergic to gluten. Yikes. But she is a very sweet girl. So I have been picking up on some gluten diet as well.


Nov 25, 2011 2:56pm

In all honesty, switching to gluten free can be pretty beneficial, if difficult in our society. Most things that bring more attention to what you eat will force you to be more health conscientious in general when it comes to food.


Nov 25, 2011 7:08pm

Aw. I love this post :). I have celiacs disease and I do somewhat mention it in my profile but no one really seems to have a problem with it. I've dated quite a few people who were not gluten free and they were incredibly sweet and accommodating about it. Obviously I'd have no problem dating someone who was as well :).



Nov 26, 2011 5:22am

They put Autistic dudes on gluten free diets. The OP must have Aspergers.......


Nov 26, 2011 9:34am

This is the most unnecessarily lengthily written question I think I have ever in my time on this site come across.

Also I have celiacs'


Mar 17, 2013 12:43pm

 all i eat is fattening junkfood


Mar 18, 2013 10:46am

I'm amused to see this thread dug back up; while (for those who aren't aware of how this particular forum originally worked) I didn't write the question, at this point I've been completely gluten free for... years? Two and a half years?

Further amusing me (given that, again, I didn't write the question) is GitmoGuard's comment; I'm way high up at the undiagnosably shallow end of the Autism spectrum, and removing gluten from my diet didn't exactly change that.


Mar 18, 2013 11:19am

I've dated a celiac before - I can't see where it would be an issue.


Mar 18, 2013 11:55am

this seems so odd to me. why would that even be an issue to anyone? i mean...if youre in love with someone...why would this...mean anything? so you eat different? who cares...


Mar 18, 2013 2:57pm

Personally I don't date vegans because they're self righteous and gassy as hell.


Mar 18, 2013 3:59pm

If someone told me this, I'd point to them, scream "FUUURRREEEAAAK!", and then walk out after trying to stuff their mouth full of gluten-rich foods.


Apr 25, 2013 2:40pm

I sure as hell wouldn't be enthusiastic about dating a Vegan. All I eat is meat and veggies due to my gluten and lactose intolerance, and I am against how soy and wheat are heavily used in the American diet because they're both not heavy in high amounts. Unhealthy asf.

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