Jul 10, 2014 12:45pm

Full disclosure, I live in a punk squat, I spend all the money from my minimum wage job on tuition and rent. That said, there's love out there for me, too but these coffees come in at $4 a peice. So guilty disclosure, my technique:

I reuse starbucks cups. That is, I bought coffee there two weeks ago and have been filling or not filling it with whatever in preparation for first dates so that I won't have to buy coffee. I also show up 15 min early so this action can't be witnessed and there's not pressure to buy my date a coffee and once, even brought a homemade muffin.

Boom. Free date. You're welcome, dirtbag.


Jul 11, 2014 8:37am

Why not make your own coffee?


Jul 12, 2014 1:35am

How easy is it to score coffee from dumpsters?  I never have but I bet if you found the right supermarket you'd be able to stock up.  I can't live without coffee; when I have been destitute in the past I just recycled grounds and shit like that.  $4 is a lot for a cup of coffee, even Canadian dollars.  That price wouldn't be remotely out of the ordinary here in Shanghai, though.  There was recently some sort of scandal when someone put together a report about how much more expensive Starbucks is in China than in the US, Canada, the UK, France, etc.

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