Jun 23, 2008 11:45pm

It seems that all of my intros to other single women have failed, so I want to see what has and hasn't worked for other people so I can refine my intro messages.


Jun 23, 2008 11:50pm

Mention some sex acts you might be interested in.


Jun 23, 2008 11:58pm


Mention some sex acts you might be interested in.



Jun 24, 2008 12:32am

Seriously, just say hello, give some feedback on something she wrote on her profile, include something funny and random to show you have a sense of humor, don't talk about anything involving knives or sex acts with minors, maybe compliment her in a tasteful  and subtle manner and if she still doesn't write back to you she probably. Just. Wasn't. Feeling. It.


Jun 24, 2008 1:14am

What mansardroof said... and also remember that in direct marketing, a 2% return is pretty damn good, and that's what messaging people online looking for a connection amounts to.

If you can come across as not a total douche, and someone who actually read the girl's profile, and someone with enough wit to make a good joke that's not too godawful (unless her profile indicates she's into that, of course), then you can probably get that 2% return.


Jun 24, 2008 8:40am

Apparently some people like it if you go on and on and on. I personally do not.

Keep it short. One (1) sincere compliment on something in her profile; one (1) question to give her something to build a response on.

"Cool photo of you with the bird on your head! Do you know this bird, or was it a random hookup?"

See, I could answer that! (If my profile did in fact contain such a photo, which it does not.)

Don't make her work too hard, and don't work too hard yourself. This is supposed to be fun, remember?


Jun 24, 2008 11:03am

yes- something funny related to their profile that's a bit too silly not to answer works often works well. 

boy mentions giant bunnies in profile, and i message:

"the giant bunnies from outer space  are planning on taking over the earth. Trust me, I live with three not-so giant bunnies and hear them talking about it all the time. Plans are being made.

Be afraid."

we've been exchanging silly messages ever since.


Jun 24, 2008 11:09am

Unless you've mentioned Harvey at least once, you fail at discussing giant rabbits. Just FYI


Jun 24, 2008 11:30am

DGreen, take a look at my profile.  Write me a message and post it here.


Jun 24, 2008 5:11pm

ignore all advice and just try to be personable.  women on these forums always say the same thing will get you replies, but it doesn't work


Jun 24, 2008 5:41pm

There's no formula! Just play around.

For myself, I find one or two snarky-but-sweet complements on something I caught in their profile works well. Sometimes I throw out a question if I have one.


Jun 24, 2008 5:55pm

Being a tad creepy helps.


I just send them their address,

with a suggestion that they keep their

blinds drawn.


Jun 24, 2008 5:59pm


I'm an Australian swimsuit model with washboard abs.

And I'm filthy rich, dad left me a ton of money, so I've got my days totally free to spoil you.


And I want to find you, because I haven't much time left. It's not communicable, but I have a condition that, though it makes me no less attractive or anything, will kill me for sure within two years. Brain artery weakness, it can just pop at anytime. Dad died at 24. I'm 23.


I just want someone sweet and kind, gentle and nice to leave everything to.


And to cuddle with at the fireplace in our beach home as we enjoy the wonderful few moments we'll share.



Jun 25, 2008 2:54am

Tell em you eat the box.


Jun 27, 2008 12:31am

Mention some sex acts you might be interested in.


Ahaha, I'm really tempted to do this to random people just to see if it ever works.


I'll totally go with the furry fetish. People will believe that.


Mar 9, 2014 6:51pm



Mar 9, 2014 7:33pm

Whoa. I posted this over five years and 80lbs ago?!?! @_@


Mar 11, 2014 10:47am

I'm not sure how relevant this is given this thread is 6ish years old, but I generally go for a witty one or two liner usually; my all time favourite of course being, "I think you would enjoy my creepy glares."


Mar 11, 2014 10:56am

"I think you would enjoy my big cock."


Mar 11, 2014 12:14pm

Old thread is old.

That said, I agree with the advice to compliment something the person said in their profile, or maybe an explanation to a question. Funny is good, but be cautious about sarcasm in a first message. It can come across as casually insulting or dismissive, even if you truly did not mean it that way.

The main things that will keep me from replying, or even looking at your profile are 1) Just saying "Hi, how are you?" and b) complimenting only my pics/appearance.


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