Jun 29, 2008 1:01pm

I am a very submissivve man who enjoys submitting to my lady and obey her orders too please her sexualy. I also enjoy giving her oral sex as well. But if she has other thinngs that she wants me to do sexualy I will comply..Her pleashure is my treashure

Jun 30, 2008 6:39am

I'm not much of a dom as I am a submissive. But, doing what the master told me a slight releave pleasure...and so on...


Jun 30, 2008 12:22pm

as long as its all in good fun, and theres some respect for the safety word, i think almost anything goes. learning the respective ins and outs of your partners preferences should be a slow, loving process that unfolds through your time together like the intricate plot of terrific drama.  I see the good points of both ends of the top and bottom here, and I think its important to try the opposite role at least once with any partner to understand what about it captivates your playmates' interest. Knowing why each woman likes to dominate makes my submission more personal, i think, and vice versa, which facilitates our mutual enjoyment.


Jul 7, 2008 8:09pm

looking in south florida for a dominate female or male for wild fun


Jul 18, 2008 9:34pm

I want to be submissive/slave for one guy that loves and cares about me and puts me first. I would do anything for him.


Sep 10, 2008 11:57am

I'm a very strict, harsh,experienced,Sadistic Master(natural Dom) who seeks a subbie,slave,pet who is serious & motivated to train(even a newbie whose exceptional) & is really looking for a 24/7 actual BDSm relationship with Ownership. My needs: ATTRACTIVE to Very Attractive:( pretty face & nice smile,tall(over 5'5),slender,athletic,small breasts(34B or smaller),small,round, tight ass, pretty long legs & nice feet,disease free like I am, I'm NOT looking for an exact imprint but the closer the better), INTELLIGENT: bright, creative, can think outside the box(perhaps a writer, poet, painter,photographer,etc.)Don't care if ur a high school drop out or a post graduate.PERSONALITY: passionate, caring, sincere, shy or outgoing, adventurous, very very kinky, feelings oriented, touchy,very liberal,likes attention,very open minded,kind, not into materialism but likes nice,quality & on sale......................ME, WHAT u GET BACK IN RETURN:1). a serious committed Master who wants u & possible another forever. 2). ATTRACTIVE: I'm slim, athletic, very healthy(have a hearing impairment) & keep Myself looking that way. I have My own commercial gym with Cybex & BodyMaster equipment & workout & run 3-6miles or more every day.INTELLIGENCE: I really have 14yrs of higher education beyond college with all of My post grad at Harvard in Brookline. I'm creative,innovative & have already been successful.FINANCIAL: I'm very wealthy so u won't work & I don't too.I take care of all of u(possibly 2): food, clothes(leather,silk, soft cotton,latex, rubber, more than trendy)& establish a pension plan for u with monies contributed monthly for emergencies,medical & dental(routine care & would consider more).However, If ur an artist, I will allow AND support ur work.As far as money is concerned, I don't have to work if I live a day or 500 years.HOBBIES: ocean sailing,working out, running,very modern & contemporary design(especially post modern/anime), art(B. Newman,J. Pollack, F. Bacon, F. Stella, Basquiat,A. Warhol,etc. & erotic very kinky photography( as well as fetish,bondage & very bizarre, ( John Santerineross, Gunther Blum), scuba diving(certified), very high performance cars & Honda hybrids,living & traveling all over the world, love reading(biographies, history, true crime,nonfiction, sci fi(love Gore). My personality type is Random, Gentle, Love, Master(RGLM)(I agree) & I may fit The Window Shopper(RGLD) & The Peach(RGLM) If ur interested, let Me know. MasterR

Sep 10, 2008 3:04pm

^ Go to Craigslist.


Sep 10, 2008 4:11pm


^ Go to Craigslist.

Okay.  I have to admit.  I actually went and looked...  he's even got  'wealthy' in his key words!!   Pics in a tux...  Joined yesterday too. 



I've probably gotten weirder/odder  things with my breakfast cereal.  





Sep 10, 2008 4:26pm

Hahaha!  "Wealthy" in your profile=living in your mother's basement.


Sep 10, 2008 9:56pm

As long as you're in pain I'm doing it right. I treat you like a whore for a couple of hours and then leave you used and bruised.

Some say it isn't a nice way to treat a lady and if I ever meet one I might not.


Sep 11, 2008 9:30am

I'm deffinately the submissive one in my relationship. I'm a pillow queen lol. But I think our sex life is best described as more of a pet/owner rather than a slave/master since she does care about my emotions/pleasure/ect. But I get more than a whack on the nose with a rolled up newspaper if I step out of line lol. But you know, sometimes it's fun to step out of line once in a while as long as she's not in a bad mood lol.

Sep 11, 2008 7:45pm

"I'll read to you," she says. The Lady speaks her mind. I think I like this game. It was not the same, When I was a child.

I pull her hair. She melts into my side. I think I like this game. It was not the same, When I was a child.

We share a piece of ice, Our heat relieved in the path of its glide. I think I like this game. It was not the same, When I was a child.

She swings all smiles from a strand of rope, Free by grace of the knots I tied. I think I like this game. It was not the same, When I was a child.

She asks, "Captain, May I?" I say, "You may," and she goes wild. I think I like this game. It was not the same, When I was a child.


Sep 14, 2008 6:07pm

I'm the submissive one in the relationship. It gives me such a thrill when I'm ordered to do something by a girl, and I'm slightly masochistic, but only in the whips\handcuffs category.

Sep 15, 2008 12:03am

I've always thought of myself as submissive. I love being teased, tortured and shown who's boss in bed. I also like to say things like "fuck me harder," which some guys feel take away from my submissiveness. I see it as nothing more than talking dirty... but whatever. I still love being dominated!

Sep 15, 2008 12:10am

Submissive women are the best women in the world. I like to take control of the sex and do whatever I want and I like to give orders. I also like talking dirty to during sex, sometimes it makes the sex hotter.

Sep 15, 2008 4:33am

I'm a switch, so it all depends on my mood and the other person I'm with. I'm equally comfortable being completely and totally submissive or dominant, although I find myself in the dom/domme role more often (both spellings to reflect my varying gender role). I suppose it comes a little more naturally to me, although it really does depend on the other person I'm with. All I can say is being flexible with both D/s and gender roles makes dull sex nearly impossible. ;)

Sep 17, 2008 9:01pm

I'm the dominant one in my relationships. Right now I'm single and don't care for playing in my local BDSM community, so I'll remain single until the right woman comes along. If you want to know more than that you'll have to email me. I don't hide this aspect of my life, but I like to keep a few things as a surprise...

Sep 18, 2008 7:11pm

If you're a sub and really feel the need to speak up during sex, just make sure to phrase it as a request; "Please, fuck me harder" is WAY more effective since you're basically begging for it. ;) Been years since I was with my Dom(I'm a switch-sub to men,Dom with women)but I actually just met someone on pure whim-from this site of all places!-who seems quite capable of putting me in my place. :)

Sep 19, 2008 2:05pm

My standard operating procedure is to maintain a number of parallel open relationships. Most of the time they're fairly casual, and the D/s aspects are just part of the sex.

From time to time these grow less casual, though they remain pretty open, and I maintain casual relationships alongside. Everyone involved is aware that none of this is exclusive, and sometimes these relationships will blur a bit, forays into polyamory ensue, but it's not an expectation or eventuality.

Things at the moment are closer to the lifestyle side of the spectrum. I have a pet. She has my respect as my submissive, and the boundries of our relationship (while vast) are fairly well defined. This is her first heterosexual serious relationship, and my first 'lifestyle D/s' relationship. From time to time we'll date other people as a couple, but this is the only relationship either of us have at the moment.


Sep 19, 2008 4:04pm

Playing little BDSm games to spice up ur life is fun but living the BDSm lifestyle as a true slave or pet 24/7 is in a completely different space; there light years apart. To the young lady who is rightfully suspicious & thinks I live in My mother's basement,lol, I'll show u pics of the basement I live in. Please note the art on the walls because its original & one of a kind so u'll see it in catalogues & books but NOT in museums,lol. That should date the pics as original. If ur too illiterate to realize, u'll see B. Newman, Jasper Johns, George Segal, Andy Warhol, Michel Basquiat & many others. My favorite , however is the photograph of the woman with a thousand long pins sticking out of her face by John Santerineross. By the way, craigslist is a good way to pick up disease & I'm not at all interested. I only want clean, healthy people like I am with very recent labs, very serious & interested in truely living in the lifestyle. I want My slaves to draw their vulgarities from the deepest part of their primitive being so whatever they scream or yell is fine as long as its spontaneous. MasterR

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