May 27, 2010 9:14pm

I just noticed that when I go to OKC from another PC I am listed as "online now" even when I have logged out or closed the browser I am using OKC on with my home computer.

I sometimes get IM's from people that think I am online.

Plus, I don't want to seem like I am always on OKC.

What do I have to do so that OKC does not list me as "online now" when I am not.


May 30, 2010 8:30am

Yes, this is a long standing problem. Once you log off, it should not show "Online Now." Some users have reported that their profile shows the "Online Now" bar on their profile default pic for up to an hour after they actually log off of Okcupid. In my experience, it is a lag of 50 minutes. Most say 60 minutes.

I'm going to log off now, and see how long it shows "Online Now." My profile is viewable by anyone, signed in or not. This is how I will check, around the 50 minute mark.

The time is currently 12:30 pm, Central U.S. time.


May 30, 2010 8:38am

I don't think this is an error on OkCupid's part. It's actually their way of making it look like there are more people online than there really are.


May 30, 2010 9:00am

^Excellent point. It seems kinda cheesy to do such a thing, though. Doesn't it? I mean, I've gotten "Missed Instant Message(s)" messages from people who thought I was online. The immediate thought is, "Hey, this guy must have blocked me from sending him IMs, because he is apparently 'Online.'"

edit: 40 minutes and counting. ;P

Anyway, Palladia still shows "Online Now" on her profile, even though she logged off 30 minutes ago.. for experimental purposes. ;D


May 30, 2010 9:30am

Okay, it showed me as being "Online Now" for exactly 60 minutes after I actually logged out! Weird.

Also, ^ your "edit: 40 minutes ..." thingie should have come after your statement about 30 minutes. Live and learn as it were. Thanks for the input, though ... Mission accomplished!


May 31, 2010 7:00pm

This has been answered numerous times.

It is not feasible or reasonable to update the online status by the second: it would cause a very high load on the system and on everyone's browser to constantly refresh that status for everyone in their favorites list or every profile they might visit or see linked anywhere on any webpage here, and the fact that people are often on crappy internet links via modem or handheld devices using flaky wireless links would mean that people's online status would constantly be going on/off, on/off, on/off...

This combined with the fact that many people don't care to logout properly (they just shut off their browser or device/computer and walk away) means that the online status isn't quite as simple as it might at first seem.

If a user stops interacting with the site for a while (I believe 30 minutes, could be as long as 60 minutes) it will no longer allow people to IM them, to prevent "angry IMer syndrome" where people get all aggro because they think they're being ignored.

As for presumptions about OkCupid trying to make it look like more people are logged-in than actually are, I think you will find that in general, OkCupid pulls that kind of crap way less than pretty much any other competitive website that I am aware of.  (But for financial reasons - ie in the interest of staying in business and not losing money - every major commercial site of this nature is going to be inclined to put some sort of positive spin on their popularity.. no real surprise there.)



Jul 12, 2014 6:09pm

This site appears to have bugs. . .

What's going on is I have to F5 all of the time: e.g. I will log on and discover I have two messages, (sad right, "only two", lol) typically new messages will be highlighted in pink. Anyway, I will read the messages and that's it, the "pink color" still appears as if I hadn't read the messages yet. I have to F5 (refresh browser) for the message bar to turn blue. In addition, the same thing happens when using the quick match feature inter alia (among other things)... Always have to refresh... (sigh) Lastly, it's not my computer, in fact another site like this one (date hookup) did the same thing for a while; later it was discovered the site itself had a virus/bug/ flaw (whatever) and they fixed it... So, this ONLY happens here on this site for some weird reason???

Thanks for letting me vent. Carry on...

~ Peace

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