Mar 20, 2012 12:45pm

Hello there!

Ahh, I finally have access to the extremely hidden forums that apparently has been around for years now but still remains hidden for no particular reason. I'm not even sure why this site has forums if they don't want users to know about them or utilize them?

Regardless... I've been trying to email OkCupid support for a month now. I frequently disable my account when I'm not using it, or when I'm in a serious relationship where I simply don't need it. As such, I enable it quite often too.

It used to be that you simply login to enable your account again... But I've been having some serious issues and support just isn't getting back to me. I've used the form, and even sent emails to the physical address... Both from the registered account's address and an alternate one.

Every time I try to login to my old account, I receive something about "We're experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later." -- When the website clearly is not. Is something glitched with the disable / re-enable feature? Also, every time I try to login to this account, it won't let me login to any account and simply keeps repeating the error.

I've read around the forums and taking an educational guess... The only thing I could think of is that my account was banned or purged for some reason or another. However, this is an inconceivable notion since I've never in my entire time on OkCupid, received a ban, warning, nor have I done anything inappropriate to warrant one. Can the "Report" system be abused? Did I message some snobby girl the wrong way and she decided "I'm gonna press report?" -- (Though, I don't see how this is the option because my profile was DISABLED, so there was no profile to really like... see.) Like, if it's not automated and done manually... Clearly there's something I'm missing about this website, or the OkCupid staff likes to have a good laugh and abuse their abilities... Which is unprofessional for a website.

Granted, I'm not really losing anything because I was able to sign up again, and it's not like I'm out money because this website is for the most part functional by being free. However, I had a GREAT great great sentimental value to that profile, it means a lot to me dearly. It's where I had met my ex-girlfriend and a few great friends.


Aside from it's sentimental value... It's really bugging the hell out of me why, what and/or who was responsible for my profile being removed for no reason.

  • I've never had any inappropriate pictures. All are of my face, clothed.
  • I've never put anything inappropriate on my profile.
  • Never advertised on my profile.
  • Never used the website for spam or harassment.


Unless simply trying to use the website for it's general purpose is harassment (Hey, some girls think guys are "harassing" them when they send a message, who knows?)

Posting on these forums are my last hope... And since I've never seen any OkCupid staff, moderator, administrator, intern, janitor, or any other form of administrative life on here... I'm going to guess that this will be unresolved.

However, I'd like to know if anyone else has had a similar problem... and maybe my mind can be put to ease, and I can be in the same boat as some of you... The... lost sentimental profile of nostalgia... boat.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance for reading and any replies I may receive!


Mar 20, 2012 1:00pm

For future reference, instead of disabling your account; just delete everything from it and leave it alone. Of course save your profile as a web page, word doc, or whatever first.


Deleting everything from your profile serves the same purpose as disabling it. People can't tell the difference, they'll go to your profile, and see that's it's blank. They'll assume you're not on here anymore.

You won't show up on the news feed or anyone searches. For all intents and purposes, a blank profile that is not logged into again, might as well be disabled or deleted.


Then whenever you want to come back on again, just copy & paste your saved profile back, and you're good to go.


Mar 20, 2012 1:06pm


The only thing I could think of is that my account was banned or purged for some reason or another. 


Quite possible. Oftentimes that's exactly what the 'technical difficulties' message actually means.

Since OkCupid terms of service prohibit a single individual having multiple accounts, it's possible one of them was killed-off because it was apparent you had more than one.


However, this is an inconceivable notion since I've never in my entire time on OkCupid, received a ban, warning, nor have I done anything inappropriate to warrant one. 

In general, you won't get either a warning in advance or responses to questions about killed accounts because 99.9999% of killed accounts were killed for a good reason, and explaining the chapter-and-verse of that only makes it easier for people to circumvent the rules around here. (which are hard enough to enforce as it is when the site allows anyone to signup in 60 seconds, more or less anonymously)




Mar 20, 2012 1:40pm


Since OkCupid terms of service prohibit a single individual having multiple accounts, it's possible one of them was killed-off because it was apparent you had more than one.

Nope, I only had one profile. Technically, I still have only one. (My new one.) I had one and only one profile on this site. That's a good thought, though. =P

It would be a good idea to let people know that their account was deleted, though, and for what reason. (Even if vague.) The confusing "Technical Difficulties" page just makes someone else want to sign up for a new account. Though, it does make it so you can't unless you do some tweaking / browser cache clearing, etc. So I guess it prevents the laymen from coming back.

I just am honestly confused on how my profile could have been removed... Even if it was, removed.

Thanks for chiming in, though! 


Thanks for contributing something to my thread, it's appreciated... But everything you said made like, no sense to my situation. My goal was to disable the profile because it was my single profile that I wanted to keep and meant a lot to me. If I wanted to save it as a webpage, I would have. (And probably did at some point, somewhere.) I didn't care if there were traces of the account left... Sometimes I'd disable it just to appease who I'm with at the time. *Shrug*



Mar 20, 2012 1:54pm

I was recently told that " if you have certain words and or phrases when they are auto deleting cam whores and scammers you will get lumped into the same category"   

Probably not the best practice but it's an easy sweep. 


Mar 20, 2012 2:42pm


I was recently told that " if you have certain words and or phrases when they are auto deleting cam whores and scammers you will get lumped into the same category"  


You might get flagged for review but I sorta doubt that they would auto-delete without any sort of oversight. Nor do I think it likely that the OP had links to some camwhore site in his profile - though I could be wrong on that. ;-)



Mar 20, 2012 2:50pm

No links just different phrases and keywords. I heard this from staff who asked me to keep their name private.


Mar 20, 2012 2:58pm

My old profile was kind of awkward and non-serious for awhile. Probably could have been taken as spam or had some CRAZY keywords in it. 

I'm just most confused on how my profile gets removed while it's disabled. Technically, there's virtually no profile to remove... so I'm wondering why they would remove it.

Also, I could probably believe the whole keyword thing... whether or not you really have a cousin / uncle / brother / dog / daughter / great grandpa who works for OkCupid that you know. =P

...And even if it's not true, that kind of makes me pretend that it was the reason why my profile mysteriously bit the dust. (And minorly adds some comfort, but not really.)


Mar 20, 2012 3:43pm

Could be a glitch, scripts aren't perfect.  I know of another dating site where it automatically bans people when just signed up.  A few innocent people end up paying the price.  Most sites to get rid of scammers and trolls and maybe you somehow crossed that line or even didn't do anything but  could be a glitch in the system that took your profile or whatever.  Just be glad you can make a new account.


next time backup your profile.  I use google docs to backup a lot of my crap.


Feb 11, 2013 8:19pm

so, im posting on a freinds behalf, since this thread really doesnt answer the question. what DO you do when they decide that your email accounts are invalid for a new profile? say if you had an account on gmail 3 years ago, closed, it and  tried to reopen it. suddenly its unusable ever again forever and ever amen? if thats true, that is an utterly horrible practice that should immediately be remedied. nobody is going to make a seperate email account JUST for okcupid. if not, how would you go about clearing the old account so you can make a new one? it doesnt say anyplace that you should just "make the profile empty" instead of deleting it, so thats really not the best advice. there is also no real place to get feedback on how to do so. 


Feb 13, 2013 7:01pm

Espeonthecat: I'm having trouble figuring out your question - you don't make it clear when you mention "account" and "reopen" if you are referring to an OkCupid profile or your Gmail account, and I can't figure out if you're asking about "re-enabling" or "deleting" an OkCupid account.

In a nutshell: to be a user here you are required to have a valid, working email address. If you lose access to the email address you signed-up here with, it's usually not a big deal because that doesn't by-itself prevent you from logging-in here.

But if you never provide a replacement, valid email address to OkCupid after you lose access to the original one you used when you signed up here, and then for some reason you lose your OkCupid password or get it compromised somehow, then you're pretty much SOL if you ALSO don't have a working email address to send a password reset request to or something.

Does that answer your question?



Jan 5, 2015 7:12pm

I'm trying to disable my account. But,I NOT AT ALL techno savvy. Could you please explain how I would save my profile. I'm on a cell phone. Not a computer. Christine 


Jan 13, 2015 10:47pm

Also, nostalgia, I made his thread nearly 3 years ago. Interesting.

Anyway, by save an account, what do you mean? Do you want to save a screenshot of it? Save the stuff you entered in your profile?

There is no way to actually "backup" an account. By disabling your account, it will be there waiting for you.

Except in my case, where my account mysteriously was pruned / banned in the timespan of it's inactivity. (I was the OP of this thread.)

It was most likely a fluke because it's never happened to me since. OkCupid works much differently now. You shouldn't worry about losing any information once you disable your account.

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