Which is more important to you: Great physical looks, or a great personality.



Jul 7, 2010 11:20am

Fuck this question.  And fuck the people who think they need to keep asking it over and over and over.

I know we're "supposed to" say that looks don't matter.  But honestly, we ALL want a combination of both looks and personaltiy.  Unless you're blind.


Jul 7, 2010 11:44am

Beauty fades. Stupid is forever.


Jul 7, 2010 7:13pm

Not, I am in total agreement with you.


Jul 8, 2010 6:47am

I just want to weed out the people who say "neither".


Jul 8, 2010 9:58am

I want meet 'em and figure out what they're looking for. That shit is fascinating!


Jul 9, 2010 1:55am

Fuck this question.  And fuck the people who think they need to keep asking it over and over and over.

And the gay questions too.


Oct 6, 2012 5:44am

I just realized that the Question was written by the OP.

So, the OP hates this question, and made it a permanent Match Question because he hates the question so much.

Gotta admit, I lol'd.


Oct 6, 2012 8:25am

Oh, and I will say I go mostly by shoes. If the guy wears interesting shoes, that's more important than looks. I can't say 'personality' as well because, to my knowledge, guys who wear interesting shoes usually have very interesting personalities.


Oct 6, 2012 5:34pm

Fuck this question.  And fuck the people who think they need to keep asking it over and over and over.


that made me laugh.   well i am the one person who chose looks.  what else is a bitch needed for besides opening her fucking legs.  i don't need to have a conversation with her. 


Oct 6, 2012 7:34pm

Hmm, this is hard to say for me.  Sometimes what gets my initial attraction is looks and sometimes it's other things.


Oct 7, 2012 9:56am

To me looks are the most important, but to girls personality is most important.


It is particularly important if a personality characteristic is he is very rich


Oct 13, 2012 6:03pm




I'll just leave this here


Oct 15, 2012 3:45pm

No beauty can make up for wanting to strangle someone every time they open their mouth so when it comes down to it personality wins but why would anyone not want a combination? 


Oct 15, 2012 3:53pm

This question is retarded.   The fact that people ask it is fucking mind-blowing to me.   Looks are almost completely unimportant to me.   Really.   I want to marry some 350-pound zitty bald lady wrapped in newspapers just to make a point out of it.  




Oct 16, 2012 3:58pm

A great personality.

People with great looks tend to be pampered and used to getting their ways, and as they get older their looks go by the wayside usually, but they still act spoiled.

People with great personalities know that you can't take others for granted, and as they age they tend to get more and more interesting and fun to be around.


Oct 16, 2012 8:15pm

Actually, it's not retarded but your sarcasm is lame.  Sure looks are important but what is more important is different for everyone.  

quack  ^.^


Oct 16, 2012 11:21pm



Oct 17, 2012 12:01am

for a short term fling looks, for a long term relationship personality, but looks could still break the deal even if they had personality


Nov 28, 2012 5:33pm


If Fizzlykittens wanted to be my girlfriend and I didn't like her personality, I would wear headphones and an ipod and turn up the volume so I couldn't hear what she was saying.

Maybe we could work out a system where I would say "yes darling" when she winked her right eye, and no when she winked her left.


Jan 23, 2013 7:52pm

looks then personality. I wouldn't be sexually attracted to someone's who doesn't have the look.

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