Mar 29, 2013 8:17am

I was thinking that one of the biggest obstacles in finding decent people on this site is the fact that certain people (mostly women) have to deal with a preposterous number of messages, and it can probably become overwhelming.

If you have like 1000 messages in your inbox, the best you can do is just read through all of them one by one, and after reading like... a hundred messages in a row that are short and pervy and terrible, you might become unnecessarily unenthusiastic about all messages. But what if you could sort your messages in certain ways to make sure you start with the ones that are more likely to be worth your time?

So I thought... it might be convenient if there were ways to sort inbox messages to help people get to the messages that they'd enjoy more.

One idea I had was that maybe you could sort the messages by the length of the primary message. I mean, if someone wrote you a whole bunch, it probably means they're thoughtful and interesting and whatever, and it'll shove all those universally despised one-word messages to the bottom. But I realize that maybe this isn't the best because a lot of people are here to make quick connections, and they might not want to read a whole novel to get acquainted with someone.
Still... someone might like this option, so if there were a sorting feature, I'm sure it'd be readily utilized.

Another idea was that perhaps you could sort messages by match/friend/enemy percentage with the sender... preferably match percentage. That way... assuming the match algorithm is not a sack of crap, you'll be able to see the messages that might be most worth your time right up at the top, and you can streamline your online dating experience.

One more idea that I had was that maybe you could filter messages by the number of total messages (or the frequency of messages) sent by the person who is messaging you. The idea behind this is... if someone's going to be sending out like a thousand messages a day... they're probably sending out mass messages, and those messages probably aren't too good, and the person sending them isn't really interested in you particularly... they're just interested in someone. No huge loss if you don't get ever get back to them.

My favorite idea that I came up with is that you could filter your messages by the average message rating of the sender. I mean... we already have that little star rating thing at the bottom of messages where you can rate the messages you get from people... it'd be cool if it were put to good use. Even if you'd get messages from people you'd probably never date maybe, those messages would at least be entertaining.


Now obviously, there can be problems... the system isn't perfect, and some of the options can be gamed. The sort by message frequency option might encourage people to make an immense number of parallel accounts just to keep their apparent messaging frequency low. That can probably be avoided to some extent by tracking IPs of new members... though that might not be worth the effort.

The sorting by user's average message quality option can be gamed by people creating fucktons of accounts, messaging themselves, and then rating themselves highly. This can be prevented again by tracking IPs to make sure that people don't have multiple accounts, but it can also be handled by making sure that people can't actually rate messages until they've been around for a while, and are potentially trustworthy... which I think the site already analyzes... I mean, they track usage stuff to determine who is worthy of being a site moderator, they could give message rating and whatever other trust-related privileges to people who have earned it like they do for moderation.


All in all, I think this is a good idea because it gives people the option to not get as bogged down in messages they'd hate, they'd not get so tired of the site, and they'd probably be quicker to find good dates, which would boost the success rate and traffic of the site, which would bring in more revenue.
I kinda worry that these features would be made available... but only to people with A-List... which would probably get a lot more people to sign up for it, but would screw over everyone else who can't afford it. I know this is a business, and if people get in and out of this site too successfully, and too quickly, it potentially limits revenue, but people come here to be less prone to lifelong misery, and helping them out a little bit more with that would be cool. I think that each one of these options could improve the desirability of the site by a massive amount, and would be worth it to implement at least one of these ideas for free.


Mar 30, 2013 2:50am

Also, they should replace your regular coffee with Folger's Crystals


Apr 2, 2013 6:52pm

I think this idea has merit. I would also like to be able to sort the messages I sent and I received by various things... like the ID of the person. Also make the messages searchable... I have A list and it's a pain to scroll through all my old messages to try to find one that I sent before to see what I said.

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