Jan 14, 2013 7:40pm

I have been getting visitors recently, but when I check the list, no one new appears. Just a few minutes ago I received 15-20 visitors within 10 or so minutes. I check my list and no one has viewed me recently. What is going on?


Jan 14, 2013 7:59pm

Well, I created a dummy account to test it. I hid my dummy account and viewed my actual profile multiple times. I got views to appear despite the list not showing anyone new. The thing is, I could only get my view count to increase to 2 maximum, despite the fact that I refreshed at one point and had 10 views out of nowhere. 

I hide a lot of people. Mainly people I'm 100% sure I'm not interested in. It seems this is due to me hiding people and them viewing my profile, even though I couldn't replicate the situation 100%. If that's the case, why does OK Cupid bother telling me someone visited me if I have them hidden?

It looks like I have some weird profile stalker. I'm almost curious to delete all my hidden users to find out who it is.


Jan 14, 2013 9:23pm


First of all, profile views will increment despite the fact that a lot of people may have their profile set to "browse anonymously" - so you will not see those show up in your list of visitors.

Secondly, the system will not record 800 views by a single person because they click on your profile 800 times. It throttles the max number of 'views' within a specific period of time.

Lastly - seems like as of late they have done something that increases the homescreen view counter to a strangely high number that never seems to filter down to the "visitors page" counter. That stopped for a few days when they changed the page layout recently but it seems it's started that behaviour again over the last 24-48 hours or so.



Jan 15, 2013 7:55am

I have recently tested whether "browse anonymously" people will cause the visitors number to increase. From my test, it did not. In fact, I found "browse anonymously" to be exploitable now in that I can temporarily turn it on, view someone's profile, and then turn it off and it no longer says I viewed their profile. Previously, it would not show them you visited their profile until you disabled it, at which point it would display the last time you visited their profile (even if it were anonymously). 

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