Jan 28, 2012 6:02pm

Because they can have like 40 clients in one day, do they still get pleasure from sexual activity? Can they go to the point of orgasming once a day or even every time?

Jan 28, 2012 6:25pm

I made one cum once. So I assume they can enjoy it.



Jan 28, 2012 7:09pm

not all orgasms are pleasurable


Jan 28, 2012 7:40pm

From what I understand, excessive sex can lead to desensitization, but it will never reach the point that they feel nothing.

Shorter answer: yes, it just becomes more difficult.


Jan 28, 2012 8:04pm

From what I understand, excessive sex can lead to desensitization

IDK about that. In all of my experimenting women seem to be able to reach orgasm easier and easier over time.



Jan 28, 2012 10:16pm

I imagine it depends on the kind of sex, with the kind of client under particular circumstances that will affect the level of pleasure or lack of it. Lots of prostitutes have been sex trafficked. I imagine it's very different for them


Jan 28, 2012 10:36pm

It would probably be like working at Mcdonalds or KFC.

As a customer you'd probably like to go there for food sometimes. But after working there 5 days a week for a few years, even the thought of doing it for pleasure would be sickening.

I have noticed from having casual sex or 1 night stands that sex can be a purely physical thing. Or it can be an emotional thing. And if you have an emotional attachment to someone the sex is better. Especially once you get to know what they like. So maybe hookers can still enjoy sex in a relationship.




Jan 29, 2012 1:55am

feel nothing.


feeling is not the same as pleasure.


Jan 29, 2012 2:29am

why does it matter? as long as they do a good job convincing me of it, that is all that really matters.


Jan 29, 2012 2:45am

If you use a prostitute, do you care if they feel pleasure?


Jan 29, 2012 2:53am

well, you dont want her to just lay there and look at you like nothing is happening. she is supposed to give you the illusion that you are doing a good job yourself, which is where the illusion of her getting pleasure from your "sexual ability" comes in.


Jan 29, 2012 2:59am

Some of the prostitutes customers are men who cant get sex without paying for it, and the prostitute is a substitute for a wife.

She would be doing a better job if she was really into it and had an orgasm.


Jan 29, 2012 3:04am

whether she pretends, or actually is into it, that dont matter, what matters is that the customer gets what he needs. you can get a prostitute that gives you GFE, or the Girl Friend Experience, but she might either be really good at getting into it, or just a very good actress, or both.


Jan 29, 2012 4:13am

^^ You don't pay them to fuck. You pay them to leave. No wife could ever be that good or get lost for such an economical price. 



Jan 29, 2012 11:54pm

^ lol - sounds bitter!


Jan 30, 2012 3:12am

^Yeah a bit hey. I got burned.

It's my own fault though. But you know what they say. Fool me once. Shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me. I will NEVER get married again. I just <3 being single too much.



Jan 30, 2012 4:49am

well -that's ok but not everyone's the same.

I thought similarly about men at one point. There's a big difference between sex and love. I didn't want him to ultimately win by ruining or lessening my future. Guess I was lucky. It's hard to trust but ultimately worth it. Don't let 1 bad experience colour everything for you. That's not the same as not protecting yourself. You didn't find the right one before Maybe you will in the future - unless you get too embittered or hardened

just my opinion


Jan 30, 2012 10:07am

Hookers are just a waste of money!


Jan 31, 2012 11:03am

IDK about that. In all of my experimenting women seem to be able to reach orgasm easier and easier over time.

i agree with this.


Jan 31, 2012 11:04am

Like duh......... theyr'e prostitutes, who cares?

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