Nov 25, 2013 4:36pm

Other than the daft and ridiculous comments, I thought this was pretty funny. The boy tries to understand a gay relationship in about a minute and ends up not caring, he just wants to play ping pong. I can imagine this is how most innocent kids would react before they're taught to hate gay people, if they are taught of course. 


Nov 26, 2013 7:58pm

You mean the same little boy that doesn't like girls because they have cuties?  That kind of little boy.  Kids are idiots and there is no presumption of innocence.  


Nov 27, 2013 6:17am

Alright dude, it's not like I'm looking for justification from children here. I just thought how the kid reacted was funny.


Dec 21, 2013 5:12am

Kids are idiots and that's why they should be taught that gay couples are normal.  Apart from the fact that so many parents and social messages teach kids stupid things about homosexuality, it is natural enough that kids would conclude that gay couples are abnormal just from their relative scarcity, being uneducated and all.  We need to fight this impulse to ignorance.


Dec 21, 2013 10:04am

Pedophiles are experts at making kids like them too. I don't see why it is heralded as a triumph for liberalism that some kids are ostensibly "for" gay marriage. Kids are also "for" mass consumerism, bullying each other, throwing temper tantrums, and eating terrible food.


Jan 16, 2014 12:32pm

kids are not interested in adults resentments as long they got not infected by ...


Jan 19, 2014 7:29am

booksandbourbon: I think the more one is educated by the gay community the more repulsed they shall be.  The information on their promiscuous sex lives, lack of committed relationships, disease sharing, drug using, suicide rates, depression related issues, and custody issues for children.  Not to mention what is involved mechanically in gay sex itself.  

There is a significant portion of the population that romanticizes drug use, prostitution, sex buddies, homosexuality, single motherhood, and promiscuous sexual relationships.  It's Hollywood elite liberalism and anyone that isn't an already existing millionaire is going to suffer from these lifestyles and then become dependant on the government to help them.  



Jan 19, 2014 9:14am

The information on their promiscuous sex lives

The reason why some gay men lead promiscuous sex lives is because they are men, not because they are gay. Men in general, whether gay or straight, have a stronger libido which leads them to have more sexual partners than the average woman. When the pool of potential partners consists only of men, then it's more likely that there will be more sex on average. I like how you're willing to judge every gay man out there based on statistics though, as if all of us are engaging in sex daily with different partners. Hahahaha, yeah totally man.

lack of committed relationships

This relates to heterosexual couples just as much as it does to homosexual couples. Not that that justifies it, but you're just being unfair by claiming it a characteristic of the gay population.

disease sharing

Not if you use protection and are responsible, this is also related to the first section of this post.

suicide rates, depression related issues, drug using

Who wouldn't want to kill themselves if they had someone like you around to torment them? When you are young, it's terrifying to think that you will lose friends, family, or just acceptance in general for attractions that you have no control over. With growing acceptance and tolerance, however, you will see that those rates will see a decrease.

custody issues for children

Lol and why is that? Because some of the straight Jesus freaks don't want us to have custody.

Not to mention what is involved mechanically in gay sex itself

I think vaginas are gross but you don't see me complaining about it, get over it you big baby. No gay men are crawling into your bed, nor would they ever want to, so just don't think about it.


Jan 20, 2014 7:55am

Riceologist: "Some" is an understatement but okay.  And that explanation doesn't explain why lesbians are having more sex partners than their female straight counterparts or even heterosexual males.  The explanation is simple in that the gay community doesn't have a moral foundation upon which to say no to these behaviors.  There is no threat of pregnancy either.  There is also a lack of institutional maturity where one generation teaches wisdom to the younger generation, so people are acting like a bunch of teenagers.  And even if there is a biological excuse for the behavior my point still stands regardless of the reasons for why it is.

The studies I have seen have gay relationships if they exist at all to be 1-2 years before they break apart.  Now, a lot of straights also have poor numbers with co-habitating rates, but many other straights are able to keep long term relationships 10+ year within normal rates.

Yeah, but people are idiots and so they don't use protection.  Many people have sex while drunk or on drugs.  No amount of sex ed is going to get through an intoxicated brain.  So, that's why AIDS and other STDs is so much higher than the regular population.  Gay men make up 2% of the population or so but have 2/3rds of the AIDS cases.  

Blaming me for gays having stupid behavior?  If only I did have such power.  Even in the Netherlands where everyone is practically a pot smoking liberal hippie the suicide rates are still high.  Associations between mental illness and homosexuality are across the world.  For me I can be assured that 98% of the female population is straight and therefore I have a much greater pool to work with.  With gays there's a great difficulty finding a partner to begin with and then keeping that partner.  This lonliness and lack of companionship while also having family disapproval and some heroine on the side can lead to suicidal results.  

Historically family approval wasn't on whether you loved this person or not.  It was about continuing the family line and building up family inheritance to the next generation.  People often did not marry for love during these times but they made it work anyway.  So, when you have a family member that will have no children and is just going to sleep around his whole life it is an understandable loss.  

There have been quite a few lesbian cases where the biological mother "turns straight" and ditches the other female partner and because of custody issues the other female partner has no legal rights to the child.  

The mechanics of gay sex is objectively gross from a biological standpoint.  I don't want to get into the details here unless I have to but somethings obviously fit and other things do not.  

You bring up some excuses some of which could be considered understandable but my point still stands that the gay community is filled with problems.  And why should anyone want to be associated with that mess?  So, as I have said, the more you know the gay community the more chaos you will discover.  Chaos is chaos even if there is a legit excuse for it.  





Mar 10, 2014 4:36pm

I've found myself explaining these types of situations to my nephews. I think that if gay couples were a larger part of the media, that children wouldn't be so confused. Right now, they see gay people, but only straight relationships. Wife & Husband. If there were more same-sex couples on TV and movies, then perhaps it won't seem like such a shock.

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