Aug 24, 2013 6:41am

What is the difference?  Is people who saw me recently just an indication that I showed up in their matches but didn't necessarily visit my profile?


Aug 24, 2013 6:53am

Wondering the same thing. :)


Sometimes I see people in that section whom I know are A-list members, so... I'm guessing that's an indication that they didn't actually visit (since A-list members have the ability to visit invisibly and revealing their visits would be rather anti-A-list). 


Aug 24, 2013 7:36am

Ironically, radiantironheart, you are in my "Who saw you recently" right now. 

Aside from the unexpected pleasure :-) maybe we can figure this out together. You're not in my visitor list.  I'm assuming you saw a recent forum post of mine, but didn't actually click on my profile.  Is that correct?  If so then we can assume that if my face shows up somewhere on the sight you're looking at, then I was "seen" by you.  Presumably this would apply to the "you might like" section, the "similar users" as well as the "home" page (or whatever those are called).

OTOH, if you did visit me, then "Who saw you recently" is trumping the "browse invisibly" setting, which would either be a bug, or evil design.

In either case, however, one of the people in that 3x5 grid also is in my recent visitors list.  So either the grid was generated before she visited me, or "saw you" is a superset of "visited".




Aug 24, 2013 4:37pm

Well... I actually saw your post of this sort after first replying to this discussion. As a result, I did click on your profile and yes I am A-list. So, I'm taking this to mean that "Who saw you recently" is trumping the "browse invisibly" setting... and that's quite crazy.




Aug 24, 2013 5:00pm

If that's the case, that's not cool.  I like browsing invisibly, and I always make it a point to let someone know I visited if I also am interested in them.  So now A-listers know when I visited them but didn't like them enough to intentionally let them know I noticed them?


Aug 24, 2013 5:15pm

Not sure if I need two places to find out who visited me, but I do like that they gave back the "sign out" option at the top margin so I don't have to mess with the pull down list ( which for some odd reason cannot be used on my ipad - the list pulls down but I couldn't click on any of the choices; had to literally type "signout" after the


Aug 24, 2013 7:22pm

I think it's the people who you show up on the front page of.

So basically people who weren't interested enough to actually visit your profile (or send you a message)

I think this because late at night, I start seeing people on my front page from all over the place, since there are no local people. And then the people in people seeing you are also in those areas, presumably their home pages are showing me for some reason.


Aug 24, 2013 7:32pm

After a little observation, I also think it's just to show who sees us in their activity feed (since a lot of users appearing in my activity feed also seem to appear in it, it's logical to assume that I would likewise be appearing in their activity feeds, too). It's interesting, though I'm not sure how useful it is from a practical point of view. 


Aug 24, 2013 9:29pm

I found this reddit /okcupid thread which seems to accurately sum up the situation:

"I don't even understand this new feature. Is it just chronicling all the people that saw you in search results but never clicked on your profile"

"That's how I understand it, yes. Kind of a "Look at everyone who decided that your photo wasn't enough to make them read your profile" thing."



Aug 24, 2013 9:35pm

I think it might be a more worthwhile feature if the photo thumbnails weren't so damn small. It's nigh on impossible to see who you're looking at, anyway (unless you've seen their main profile picture before, that is). 


Aug 25, 2013 12:37am

"Look at everyone who decided that your photo wasn't enough to make them read your profile"


Totally consistent with OKC spirit, isn’t it?   :)



Aug 25, 2013 3:31pm

That reddit forum is just a bunch of people randomly speculating.  I think we are making more progress figuring it out here.  Here's my new observation.

It turns out that what is being displayed is a queue of 15 people, in 3 rows of 5.  The old ones exit off the top left, and the new ones are added at the bottom right, with everyone else shuffled along accordingly. You can see this over time if you log off/on after being logged on for a while (first make a screen capture before logging off), or if you create new browser tabs within the same session.  But otherwise this box doesn't change within the tab you're viewing.  This suggests that a queue is being created live, but this box was created just once when you logged in or created the tab.  Thus you didn't even have to be logged on for them to have "seen" you - e.g. a forum post you made or a "similar user" of someone else.  (We still don't know exactly which screens count as being "seen", but I'm guessing it's all of them.)  All of this is at least consistent with the idea that everyone in the box saw you somewhere on their screen, not necessarily by visiting your profile.

I've seen some of these box pictures change as they move along the queue, even though if you click on them you find that it's the same user and the user has simply uploaded the new picture that day.  In cases when it was already uploaded, it probably means that they just changed their main picture that day (which doesn't leave any traces in their profile). So, the queue is storing links to profiles, not just pictures of people that it grabbed from them when they "saw" you.

All this leads me to believe that I was wrong before.  In order for radiantironheart to view my profile, she first must click on a link to me.  If there is a link to me on her screen, she has "seen" me.  At that point, before she even views my profile, she's already been added to the queue that will show me her picture, whether I'm currently logged in or not.  So, there is no actual evidence here that this feature is trumping "browse anonymously", like I thought before.

In short, it seems both a totally useless feature and no privacy violation.  A great example of a waste of programming effort spent doing something stupid with metadata.  The Matchspacemonkeys could be writing more of those cool metadata analyses that the OKC programmers used to do; those were a lot more creative than this stuff.


Aug 26, 2013 3:59pm

Maybe the site owners decided they needed to incentivize people to click on profiles that they thought were matches for each other by putting up teeny tiny icons next to your own picture.  Whatever happened to randomly meeting people anyway?  I kind of like the new feature regardless of how it works, it's kind of intriguing and it does get me to actually read the profiles.


Aug 27, 2013 8:13am


   There is no way you would ever show up in my matches or anywhere else.   I just anomalously  visited your profile.  Am I showing up in your visitors list ?

I'm cc'ing  sending this message to the forum and as a regular message to your profile



Aug 27, 2013 1:37pm

I think the purpose of the new "who saw you recently" is to motivate the user to click on the tiny profiles to check them out since you can't really see them.  In other words it's a trick to get people to look at more profiles.  I can see this as a value to the company, OKCupid, because it will increase your visitor count (to the non A-listers, of course) which in turn will entice users to log on more often.  The more users logged in equals the more OkCupid can charge for add revenue.  This is just a guess.


Aug 27, 2013 4:12pm

Well I have been clicking on pretty much every profile pic under "Who saw you recently:, and I can say that I have now looked at profiles in Chicago and Jakarta, Indonesia. I am not sure how someone in Jakarta ended up seeing my profile. :)


Aug 27, 2013 8:33pm

There's a weird and interesting phenomena: The more you click on someone in the WSYR block the more often they re-appear in the block. I am an A-Lister and not notifying them of my visit nor am I appearing in their Visitor's List yet they repopulate the WSYR block. Is this a glimpse into the secret sauce? If a user shows heightened interest in another user does the user with the heightened interest show up more often in the other users Activity feed, You Might Like triad, etc.? Also, when it happened, I couldn't help but think - jeeze, maybe this is also an A-lister and checking me out. Since the term "Recently" is really not time specific at all, my conclusion is that it is there to lure users into thinking that these people might be interested in them - I think it's a crude matchmaker. 


Aug 27, 2013 9:46pm

^^I was going to say it might have something to do with selecting "located anywhere" as opposed to "located near me" under the I'm looking for section, but you've listed "located near me" so it can't be that. I have noticed that people from other countries appearing in my WSYR box do have "anywhere" selected though, so maybe that's it?  


Aug 28, 2013 2:08am

I don't think I've ever gotten hung up on whether or not someone visited my profile. I see people in it I already know, from WAY out of the are (NY is no more Chicago than Iowa). I assume (for me) that it means I'm on their favourites list, as they are on mine, and that they simply saw any recent activity. Who cares if they didn't send a message? Frankly, I see some people there in glad DON'T contact me!


It is annoying, simply by being one more superfluous item to clutter up the front page. But I don't -think-it's replacing visitors?


Also, for some reason, the link to the reddit for rum? It brings me RIGHT BACK to my home page here.


I agree they ought to be using their time to make things better by not making them worse, but what have they been doing since match bought the site?


Aug 28, 2013 5:19am

I've had a lot more success with girls under the Who Saw You Recently feature than I have with doing my own searches.  A lot more.  And it's not surprising, because I fit the search qualifications of all these girls.  Now, there is a down side.  Some of these girls are apparently doing 1,000 mile radius searches and are showing up under the WSYR, but it's a small down side.  An improvement would be if you could screen who shows up under WSYR feature.

And btw, the feature doesn't necessarily trump your A-List invisibility.  Your A-List invisibility probably only applies to actual profile visits; not just seeing someone in a search result or forum.

Great thread discussion guys!  I came here looking for answers and I got them.

- Disproportionately Endowed Male

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