Sep 25, 2009 12:06am

And here's one to start this off.

33/M/Straight52% match / 47% enemy

[12:11:57 am]fatheadbob:man you sound unedicated and a bitch on your profile

[12:12:00 am]fatheadbob:just an fyi

[12:12:07 am]fatheadbob:and you model? lol

[12:12:18 am]fatheadbob:your not bad looking but you are no model

[12:12:37 am]fatheadbob:i know i been there before

[12:12:41 am]fatheadbob:good luck

[1:51:50 am]fatheadbob:hey

[1:51:56 am]fatheadbob:are you fit?

[1:52:19 am]lizy1984:why?

[1:52:40 am]fatheadbob:cause i asked

[1:52:43 am]fatheadbob:fuck

[1:52:47 am]fatheadbob:why

[1:52:52 am]fatheadbob:are you liek stupid?

[1:52:54 am]fatheadbob:slow?

[1:53:11 am]fatheadbob:well you are obviously fat

[1:53:58 am]lizy1984:No but just jumping out and asking someone are you fit reall seem's a stupid opener.

[1:54:13 am]fatheadbob:not as stupid as asking why

[1:54:16 am]fatheadbob:fool

[1:54:42 am]fatheadbob:most are fat on here

[1:54:49 am]fatheadbob:i am sure you are no different

[1:55:19 am]lizy1984:So you just im'ed Me to be abuseive.

[1:55:53 am]fatheadbob:its ok

[1:55:59 am]fatheadbob:go back to your trailer midget

[1:56:44 am]lizy1984:Really Uhh what did I do to you?

[1:57:31 am]lizy1984:You must really get alot of dates being as sweet as you are.

[1:58:53 am]fatheadbob:no i hate dating

[1:58:59 am]fatheadbob:and don't do it

[1:59:09 am]fatheadbob:cause i don't tolerate womens bs

[1:59:13 am]fatheadbob:fuck that

[1:59:35 am]lizy1984:So your just here to abuse people then?

[1:59:51 am]fatheadbob:sometimes

[2:00:23 am]fatheadbob:but then again i did not drop out of high school

[2:01:00 am]fatheadbob:ok leave ya be now

[2:01:04 am]fatheadbob:bye

[2:01:45 am]lizy1984:And welcome to the Fail thread on forums.

Yeah I call this a fail.


Sep 25, 2009 12:08am

I think he just suffered a burst hemorrhoid. It's clearly nothing personal against you. He's just sore.


Sep 25, 2009 12:09am

[2:01:45 am]lizy1984:Hey wanna see me naked

[2:01:55 am]killswitched:No

[2:01:59 am]lizy1984: OK fuck you asshole, youre probably fat and have no friends so go die


Sep 25, 2009 12:14am

^Teaches you to say yes next time doesn't it.


Sep 25, 2009 12:14am

Now that is amusing!


Sep 25, 2009 12:17am

And this is why I reply to so few im's what's the point I don't enjoy the abuse I have over came to much in My life to just be kicked on some stupid free dating site.


Sep 25, 2009 12:28am

A guy named fathead with a hat that's 3 sizes too small for his head is giving you problems, eh, I'd say you've got no problem at all.


Sep 25, 2009 1:15am

It's always fun when somebody calls another person "unedicated".

And then proceeds to use "your" incorrectly.

Also this is why I always have my IMs off. So I don't really have anything to contribute to this thread other than calling fatheadbob a retard.



Sep 25, 2009 1:46am

I've had pretty pleasant IM conversations overall, I think. I may have to go into the very long and extensive archive of IM chats and see if there's been anything terrible. 


Sep 25, 2009 2:14am

My IM's never go into the extreme (some are deleted users, hence no name for some):


(7:33:55 am):r u into spanking and does it happen much

(7:44:54 am)cartwheelhearts:never tried that no idea

(7:48:47 am):u have never been spanked befoe so what have u done

(7:53:39 am)cartwheelhearts:I really think that's none of your business


Here's another: 

(8:05:06 pm):HI sexy godess.iam looking for a woman to be an online slave to by text or email, i have a thing for women in control plus i secretly wear womens underwear, if this is your thing and you want to email me or text me orders what colour womens underwear i must wear under my clothes everyday, let me know and i will give you my email and mobile, i hope your intersted in having me as your online slave sexy godess , and iam willing to give two of my females co workers emails so i will have no choice but to do as you say mistress, BUT WOULD BE UNDERSTOOD YOU WOULD NEVER USE THEM , JUST TO KEEP ME IN LINE, AND WOULD BE A TURN ON KNOWING A WOMAN HAS THAT POWER OVER ME, IAM WILLING TO WRITE LINES DO ANY TASK EVEN EDIT MY PROFILE TO SAY ANYTHING YOU THINK I SHOULD PUT ON IT LIKE THE PANTIE WEARING INFERIOR WIMP IAM

(8:05:14 pm):ok to prove iam not a joker would it help convince you if i was willing to show you a pic of me in womens underwear would that help make your mind up weather iam worthy enough to be your slave godess? my yahoo messenger id is WACKYWACK@YAHOO.CO.UK, but only if your series and interested and not going to take the mick out of me

(8:07:08 pm)cartwheelhearts:you shouldn't email ppl like that about it out of the blue that's really rude

(8:07:12 pm)cartwheelhearts:please just go away


And another: 

(8:10:52 pm):so the thought of using a whip on a blindfolded and shackled man doesn't turn you on?

(8:11:40 pm)cartwheelhearts:yah that idea makes me hurl a little bit in my mouth with disdain


Then there's this type: 


(7:53:04 am)oludayo:hi

(7:53:10 am)cartwheelhearts:hi...

(7:54:38 am)oludayo:how are you doing

(7:55:08 am)cartwheelhearts:great thnks

(7:55:15 am)cartwheelhearts:having a cookie

(7:55:55 am)oludayo:ok

(7:56:06 am)oludayo:ok

(7:56:59 am)oludayo:i we like to no you



(9:32:12 am):HI u dere?

(9:32:18 am)cartwheelhearts:hello dude

(9:32:31 am):wazzup?? chick..

(9:32:35 am)cartwheelhearts:you have a profusely unappealing username

(9:32:54 am):i'm a li'

(9:33:08 am)cartwheelhearts:I'll be harshly watching your next lines with a wary disposition based on that name alone

(9:33:25 am)cartwheelhearts:so you better type carefully

(9:33:36 am):i want u to...u know xpect the unexpected..

(9:34:04 am)cartwheelhearts:great, then we know you'll say nothing remotely related to that horrendous choice of username

(9:34:14 am):i'm a gud dude....just a li'l desperate....dats all..

(9:34:26 am)cartwheelhearts:just suppress it

(9:34:30 am)cartwheelhearts:take it up in therapy



(7:02:20 pm)Ice_007:all is cool and cold here in macedonia:)

(7:03:48 pm)cartwheelhearts:okay!

(7:04:07 pm)cartwheelhearts:do macadamia nuts come from macedonia?

(7:04:45 pm)Ice_007:Nope i dont think so, there r no nuts here except the crazy ones (ppl):)

(7:05:43 pm)cartwheelhearts:i like crazy

(7:05:46 pm)cartwheelhearts:show me crazy



(8:47:04 pm)arp2004:hi

(8:47:11 pm)cartwheelhearts:hello

(8:47:24 pm)arp2004:how are u?

(8:47:35 pm)cartwheelhearts:fine

(8:48:07 pm)arp2004:gdgd had gd day?

(8:48:20 pm)cartwheelhearts:are you seriously gonna type like that?


Sep 25, 2009 3:01am

I usually get the "Hey, I want to fuck you. If interested hit me back!" type IM's.  sigh


Sep 25, 2009 3:03am

i have one..i want to play..took out his name but he is active on this site

(5:52:56 pm)  :hi do you dress white collar for work or play (dresses, skirts, nylons/opaques/stockings, heels, etc)? and no this is NOT a sexual question but I just prefer a well dressed woman

(5:53:20 pm)daisylor:well that is a beyond random question to say the least

(5:54:40 pm)  :do you or dont you

(5:54:51 pm)daisylor:don't feel like answering the question, lol

(5:54:58 pm)  :then go away

(5:55:06 pm)daisylor:u contacted me

(5:55:19 pm)    :ya and now i am telling you to buzz off


Sep 25, 2009 3:16am

Yeah, it was definitely sexual.


Sep 25, 2009 3:34am


It's not much of a secret that he wears women's underwear if the guy tells strangers about it within two sentences.



Sep 25, 2009 3:41am

It's always so obvious with those weirdos, they must know it doesn't appear innocent at all when they open with things like:

"So you paint your nails I see! Toe nails too? Do you get professional pedicures? Btw I'm not being weird! But can I ask you if you wear open toe high heels to dates? I'm pretty strong so even if you accidentally stepped on me I'd be ok hehe I might even like it! Just kidding!"

WTF take your fetish elsewhere.



Sep 25, 2009 4:01am

I had to turn my IMs off on this site the first day I joined. And I have no idea how to look at old IMs to post the mind-numbing shit I got on that day.

But almost every asshole on this site has something in his queer eye. Out of 380 messages, at least 250 of them are those gay ass winks.


But that Krippy fucker takes the cake. He keeps sending me tinyurls that all lead to pictures of his deformed cock, which looks like fusilli pasta. It's traumatic.


Sep 25, 2009 4:19am

^Left hand column, "IM History". 


Sep 25, 2009 4:53am

These are always the most entertaining threads...I just don't understand the fringe elements of my gender.

Also, to repeat what's already been said, if you're going to call someone uneducated, at least make sure you spell the word right.


Sep 25, 2009 6:07am

I have a friend (who's pretty dominant...and it shows) who always gets the guys wanting to come over and do housework. I keep telling her to send them our way...and bring some painting clothes while they're at it.


Sep 25, 2009 6:08am

haha some of these rule

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