Apr 14, 2009 11:27am

I have found myself open to the possibility of being fucked by a woman, the proper term is 'pegging.' However, I grapple with the origin of this choice, desire, whichever you choose. I am not gay, but feel this borderlines such things (since I am religious and clash with church doctrines). I am asking for a discussion of other people views on this, people who have done this, etc. Also, maybe find a girl up for this. I am wrong in my thinking? Is this ok? A Healthy lifestyle?

Apr 14, 2009 11:46am

There have been several threads on this topic and the issue of whether or not it is gay has been discussed in depth.

Basically, the major train of thought has been no, it's not gay. The assumption that all gay men engage in anal sex isn’t even accurate. Beyond that all men, gay and straight, are anatomically identical (*sigh* I’m pretty sure nathanology said that) and it can feel pleasureful to any man.

However, many people enjoy the aspect of gender bending, if they choose to imbue the activity with that meaning. It can also be seen as a submissive act if one chooses to imbue the activity with that meaning. Many also like the taboo aspect of any kind of anal sex.

As for it being healthy, follow safer sex protocols and it should be very safe. You can be more assured of the safety of a silicone dildo that you own and sterilize yourself than any real penis. Also, there are health benefits to prostate massage.

Apr 14, 2009 11:54am

Rule of thumb - Anything done between a man and a woman = straight sex

Apr 14, 2009 2:31pm

"Rule of thumb - Anything done between a man and a woman = straight sex"-- I like that rule, lol.

Apr 14, 2009 3:29pm

Nothing that two people of opposite sexes do can possibly be gay by definition. The notion that pegging is "gay" is totally bizarre.

I mean, seriously. "Some gay men like anal sex, so if a heterosexual man likes anal sex that means he's gay"? What kind of ridiculous logic is that? It's like saying "Some heterosexual men like to cuddle, so if two gay men cuddle that means they're straight." It's so silly I'm frankly a little baffled that people actually believe it.

Apr 14, 2009 4:33pm

I totally agree such thinking is not logical, however since was taking your religion seriously a logical act? Is is one dilemma of many.

Apr 14, 2009 4:44pm

I personally think religion needs to stay out of the bedroom (and the court room, and the laws, and my uterus...). :)

Apr 14, 2009 4:56pm

^lol, agreed

Apr 14, 2009 7:08pm

Strapon play, for many men, is not about sexuality but about complete & total submission. This is why I hate labels. Enjoying any type of anal stimulation does not make you gay. It means you know where your errogenous zones are and enjoy them being stimulated. Traditional society brainwashes us into thinking that something not done by polite society is deviant and therefore deserving of a negative label. Bullshit. Leave your labels & phobias at the door and just have a good time.

Apr 14, 2009 7:42pm

thanks for the clarity :)

Apr 14, 2009 8:42pm

Because religion was brought up. Could pegging be considered sodomy?

Apr 15, 2009 6:10am

Because religion was brought up. Could pegging be considered sodomy?

Yep. In fact, legally, in most states (a surprising number of which still have anti-sodomy laws on the books), any kind of anal or oral penetration is considered "sodomy." For example, Florida's anti-sodomy laws forbid, among other things, anal sex, anal penetration with objects, and oral sex.

Apr 15, 2009 9:42am

I think from a bible standpoint, any sexual penatration that doesn't carry chance of procreation is sodomy. It's been a while since I read the relevant passages though

Apr 15, 2009 11:04am

If a man really wants me to throw on a strap on I am more than willing to go forth and do so. Of course, I'm mainly interested in making my partner happy so I'm pretty much open to anything. Just wanted to let you know that there's hope that you could find a girl who's willing. Best of luck finding yourself someone to help you fulfill this fantasy!!

Apr 15, 2009 11:08am

so, where's my 'i <3 sodomy' bumpersticker?

Apr 15, 2009 11:08am

@ Nambrosia - Thats my girl =) @Khavren - Stop reading your bible (that was made by man to controul man) and have some fun =)

Apr 15, 2009 11:10am

so, where's my 'i <3 sodomy' bumpersticker?

That is a MOST capital idea, and at some point when I have some free time (ha! I slay me!) I might just have to make one.

Apr 15, 2009 12:30pm

Nambrosia, thanks for the boost of confidence :)

Apr 16, 2009 10:53am

tacit, how's the sodomy bumpersticker coming? lol

Apr 16, 2009 2:48pm

You don't have to be gay to enjoy anal stimulation... there's a lot of nerve endings down there and let's not forget the prostate. However, if you're going to subscribe to a religion and let someone else make all your moral decisions for you then maybe you should ask the rich guys in the robes instead of the OKC forums.

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