Dec 5, 2009 10:26am

Since we've changed the weekends for the meetup so there isn't a scheduling conflict for the regulars *and* the coffee house, we've started a new post to get folks excited and interested! Also, we're gonna start working on a huge spring meetup to invite Cupidistas from around the world to visit our city and play tour guide for them!


We meet at the Wayward Coffeehouse in Greenwood the fourth Sunday of the month at 3:00PM. We'll be at the large table in the back; you'll see a sign on the table. Come introduce yourself! http://www.waywardcoffee.com


For those of you who are up for a tasty brewed beverage and some awesome food after the coffee meet up, we'll meet up next door at the Naked City Taphouse at 5:00PM! http://www.nakedcitybrewing.com


Dec 5, 2009 10:27am

I'm gonna have to come by with the new gf. :) I haven't seen you guys in way too long!


Dec 5, 2009 10:30am

Oooh, yes! I didn't even realize you *had* a new girlfriend! Will be great to touch base!


Dec 14, 2009 8:03pm

I didn't know there was a new thread.  Any chance of getting this one "stickied"?

I should be there.  And I may even have a secret surprise guest!  Shhh.


Dec 14, 2009 8:13pm

I asked; that's why I created a new thread. I think Meghan is super busy. She's supposed to trash the old one and sticky this one. We might have to /bump it a bit here and there.




Dec 23, 2009 6:38am



Dec 23, 2009 8:37am

Yay! It will be a great meetup!


Jan 2, 2010 9:05pm

So, this is a meet-up for anyone on OkC in seattle? How many people usually show up? It's sounds pretty cool.


Jan 2, 2010 9:35pm

Yep! Anyone in Seattle, visiting in Seattle, wanna come to Seattle. :) We've had anywhere from 6-15 people, but we've kinda slacked off for a while. We're kinda ramping back up a bit for the new year. Drop me a note if you want to know more!


Jan 3, 2010 11:03am

I just joined OKC a couple of months ago and I would really like to meet people in person for friendship.   I'm from Olympia but my support network of friends are still up in Seattle.  So, am I correct in assuming that the next meetup will be on the 24th?


Jan 15, 2010 9:21am

I may be able to come. I am new as well, but over in Kitsap. Does anyone know of other meet-ups in our area?


Jan 15, 2010 9:26am

@pitabrat75 - Yep! You got it! @LilacKitty - As far as I know this is the only one. But you could start one in your area! Just takes time and a place, and plenty of advertising for it.


Jan 15, 2010 10:28am

Hmmm. I may have to check this out...


Jan 27, 2010 10:57am

How did it go?  I missed it.


Feb 1, 2010 6:37pm

Is one planned for Feb?


Feb 1, 2010 7:17pm



Feb 5, 2010 7:21pm

Are these any good? I'm new to Seattle.

Feb 8, 2010 8:35am

Yep, on the 28th this month.


Feb 8, 2010 5:19pm

Wish I lived a little closer. Oh well, you guys all have a blast for me will ya.


Feb 25, 2010 6:38am

Feb 28th? What time? Sounds like fun!

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