Jul 18, 2008 9:13pm

What is this "quiver"? I never heard anyone talking about it until a couple days ago and there was no cryptic, curious message from the OKC staff on the homepage.


Jul 19, 2008 12:14am

Taken from the thread titled "Quiver" in this same section of the forums:

What Is This Thing?

Quiver. Sometimes this word is used to describe a bunch of arrows, and sometimes it's used to describe that wobbly feeling you get when you meet someone incredible. In this case, we're hoping it's both. There are tons of great people on OkCupid you don't even KNOW about. We've set up Quiver to help you find them.

Quiver has delivered three great match recommendations straight to your Quiver Queue. You choose how to handle our recommendations, and how you handle them affects how often you get Quiver Matches.

If you message your match, you'll get a new match the next day.

If you reject your match, we'll skip a day and then send you a new match the day after.

If you ignore your match, you have to wait seven days for the next batch of Quiver Matches.

The people in your Quiver Queue will always be strangers, or people with whom you've never exchanged OKMail, anyway. We recommend messaging as many of your Quiver Matches as possible, because it will get you more matches faster (and because, hey, our system is smart). But don't worry, if you choose to reject someone, they'll never be notified.

I would have checked the thread with the title of the thing you want to know about and 70+ posts before creating a new one, but maybe that's just me.


Jul 23, 2008 10:09pm

Why doesn't it show up on my profile, I wonder?


Jul 23, 2008 11:22pm

Because like most of OKC, it's buggy as hell. Try logging out and back in, then refreshing the page again. Worked for me. Though now I wish I hadn't (you've been warned)


Jul 27, 2008 12:09pm

i guess i am not worthy

Jul 27, 2008 12:22pm

Don't worry if you don't have it. It usually just pairs you with a bunch of people that are hovering around 50% match or don't even have anything filled out in their profile. At least from what I can tell. Just today I got an arrow pointing to someone I had quickmatch rated a 1 on personality and a 2 on looks.


Jul 29, 2008 9:53pm

Didn't work.


I probably don't want it, but I'm curious just because I don't have it.


Why don't I get it? :(


Aug 4, 2008 2:56am

Some accounts show this Quiver feature and some do not.

I think it is still in a testing phase.


Aug 19, 2008 12:09pm


If you message your match, you'll get a new match the next day.

If you reject your match, we'll skip a day and then send you a new match the day after.

If you ignore your match, you have to wait seven days for the next batch of Quiver Matches.


So, I've gotten 3 quiver matches and wrote them all, but I never got anymore. So did the Quiver thing just not work out and they forgot to take it down?


Aug 21, 2008 3:51pm

It has sent me 15 people I could never possibly be interested in even on the worst day of my life, which was last Wednesday, probably.


Aug 22, 2008 9:09pm

Presumably any matches they put in your quiver are already on your match list anyway, so how can they make this sound like they are giving you something new? It just seems like smoke and mirrors to me.

I think they need to be more careful about adding new features. The quiver seems useless (when it works).


Aug 23, 2008 8:45am

I think it could be fun. however they should try not to give so many quiver matches that don't fill out their profile. how do you know whether or not they are worth messaging if you cant tell anything about them, or if they havent logged in recently? ::shrug::


Jan 2, 2009 8:14pm

sounds interesting. has anyone had any luck with it?

Jan 29, 2009 5:09am

ah ok, here i thought it was people actually requesting to talk, its just picking them at random

Jan 29, 2009 8:00am

it gives you a chance to see randomish people usually high on your capatability scale living close to you

Jan 29, 2009 8:10am

It seems that Quiver is a joke feature designed to show you people you'd never look at otherwise.

I mean, come on... a 55% match who could never do without her car or her cell phone? No thanks.

Jan 29, 2009 8:18am

In response to cupcake...I whole-heartedly agree. It really makes me wonder if the match percentages aren't all made up anyways. One of my latest quiver matches is very much anti weed, and in general just not compatible with me at all, and yet has a 79% match.

May 26, 2009 5:09am

I think I've got some idea how this might work. Last night I got some "possible matches" or something, and one was this beautiful 24 year old girl, which is absurd because I'm a 51 yr old slightly overweight guy who lives in a crappy apartment in a crappier city. So it was late and maybe I had too much fun on Memorial Day, and anyway I remembered seeing these things like "so and so hasn't been contacted in over a week. You should send her a message." So I forgot what her screen name was so I did a search for "24 to 24 years old", found her and sent her this message: "I kind of felt sorry for you because I saw you picture and underneath it said "****** hasn't been contacted in over 37 seconds. You should send her a message." So here you go. Don't give up!" Today I got 3 quivers (they send them three at a time) all from 24 year olds. And sorry to whoever that was. At the time I thought it was funny.

Jun 4, 2009 6:05pm

These our my matches? Why do they always look like people who just left a stint in prison?

Jun 5, 2009 10:38am

Hmm, first thing I thought was: Quiver (verb)... What I would like to make a prospective mate do :) For a more serious response, I too noticed some interesting matching patterns. Perhaps if we had some acknowledgement of how the algorithm was supposed to work, we could help to fine tune it.

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