Jun 7, 2013 9:24am

So I recently upgraded my phone, and I figured I'd throw the app on it. There's this "locals" thing on there which seems useful because I'm close enough to a city that all my results are from there, but it's far enough to be pretty inconvenient. However, when I try locals I just get this stack of photos to go through (one at a time, kind of like quickmatch) and I am apparently supposed to swipe left or right based on whether or not I'm interested - with seemingly no ability to view their profile. So I'll swipe their photo then... nothing happens and they vanish into the abyss of OkC. What am I missing?

tldr; how do I view profiles/bookmark/send people messages on the "local" section of the mobile app?


Jun 7, 2013 9:28am

Ha, I just posted about the same damn thing. I don't get it, either. It's terrible.

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