May 29, 2010 9:57am

Before OKcupid had this change to the site, you could type a word in the search bar and it would look up matching results for profiles, journals, journal comments, forum topics, forum topic comments AND match questions, it doesn't do that anymore, so is there another way to search for specific match questions by keyword?


May 30, 2010 4:31am

Under "My Profile" on the left sidebar, click on "Questions".  On the right side there will be type-in box to search for questions by keyword.  It will show questions you have answered, as well as unanswered ones.


Aug 9, 2010 5:30pm

now okc changed their layout and your answer is now invalid >_<...once again, the search continues.


Aug 9, 2010 6:20pm

His answer is not invalid.  There is a "search your questions" box right on the page he described.


Sep 15, 2010 10:32pm

that box only showed my questions i'd answered with the tags i was searching for, not new questions


Sep 16, 2010 9:21am

I don't believe the original poster stipulated that it had to be "new" or "unanswered" questions.

But yes, there does seem to be no way to keyword-search unanswered-questions-only these days.



Jan 23, 2011 9:53am

The problem with this advice is that DavidJazz answered by pointing to the left navigation bar. He could have just said "go to your profile," then click on "questions," instead of "on the left sidebar click on 'questions'..." That was confusing, and obviously we all know how to get to our own profile, so unnecessary. Then, sfguyyy doesn't say "on your profile page" either, but "on the page he described." This is exactly why instruction manuals are a pain in the ass!


Jan 24, 2011 1:17am

^Since you are bumping a 4-month-old discussion, one of the other reasons "manuals are a pain in the ass" is that site and page design is not static here at OkCupid. Matter of fact, it changes relatively frequently and often without any notice whatsoever.

More specifically, that's exactly why shadowfangns posted this topic in the first place, and then reiterated in her 2nd post that due to another site design change, the original advice was now invalid as well.

Re: knowing how to get to one's profile, probably not a good assumption to make. Most people who can't find things here could easily find them themselves if they were only moderately observant. Given that, explicit step-by-step instructions are usually far more useful than conceptual hints for those people.




Jan 27, 2011 12:09am

^Very true. 

In my quest to entice women to check out the artwork in my 'Journal', I have added a special notice, that I have many NUDE photographs and also 'NAKED PICTURES of Movie Stars', posted there.

 I had to do this because I've received many letters from women commenting that either they couldn't figure out how to get to my 'Journal', or ...they believe that since they couldn't figure out how to get to my 'Journal', I must be lying about having one. 

The promise of Nude Photos, and Naked Movie Star Pics... adds an incentive and I actually have since gotten two messages stating that they got to my 'Journal' finally, but... the Nude and Naked photos were not there, so they now hate me. 

I've since added a 'blue HTML' link to my 'Journal' and made my notice about Nude and Naked pics more prominent, in the hope that at some point in the near future, women will work even harder to figure out, how to access my 'Journal' here... only time will tell.

I figure that once I perfect how to get women to my 'Journal', I will have to figure out, how to get them to scroll down it?!


Feb 1, 2012 12:03am

Bumping this. Specifically: On the new layout, how do we search for new, unanswered questions by keyword?


Mar 6, 2012 10:57pm

bit of a hack, but this searches all questions (replace bubblegum with what you want to search for) (or bubble+gum+some for more than one word)


Apr 27, 2012 9:57am

Is there a way to search for people by how they've answer a question? For example, say I only wanted my search results to include people who chew bubblegum? I tried del_sprite's suggestion, but it only showed me questions I could answer.



Apr 27, 2012 12:07pm

RubyWinged: Not to my knowledge.

I agree it would be an interesting feature.



May 26, 2012 7:48pm

I was just about to create a question on this topic, so I'm glad to see that there's one out here already. So, if I want to look up a question I or someone else has answered, either to see what I/they answered or to link to it, there is basically no reliable way to find the question.

For example, if I wanted to look up the "Do you like parakeets?" question, and I know I've answered it, I could try to go to the "search questions" toolbar and search "parakeets" or "parakeets?", since that is a word and a character combination that is not going to show up in a lot of questions. OKCbot responds by telling me it can't find any question containing that word. I can be looking at the question, copy/paste part of the question into the search bar, and OKC can't find it.

Does anyone have any idea how to reliably search for a question? Does anyone have any idea how to reliably link to a question? This was something you used to be able to do just fine, but with each update it's become more difficult. I've sent numerous queries to the OKC tech folks, but never heard back (on this issue or any other, actually...). Any constructive advice - hacks, known tricks I've just missed, browsers that work better for this function than others - would be helpful.


May 26, 2012 8:23pm

I should say that I've tried del_sprite's hack, but it doesn't get me any farther than the search bar within the question's section. I've tried finding a number of ways into tricking OKCupid into finding a specific question without luck. Whatever search algorithm they use, I haven't figured it out. I've even tried creating a question with specific tags and then searching for the tags, to see if that was it, to no avail.


Jul 8, 2012 3:04pm

i want to find a question that i wrote, and i can't.  i typed in a key word and okcupid can't find it.  surely there is a way to find a question and see how many people answered it?  please?  


Jul 25, 2012 5:28am


Not specifically, but the alternative to that is "styling" key words in your profile and clicking on them to pull up a list of people who also have that interest listed in their profile.

Click on any of the green pencil icons on your profile and click "Style Guide". Notice "tag interests" and how it instructs you to add "[[" and "]]" at the beginning and end of each key word/interest in your profile. Once you've done that to what you're interested in in your profile, you can then click on that word and a list will come up of members with that interest listed in their profile as well. 


Jul 25, 2012 8:46am


Ok. Thanks.


Aug 6, 2012 5:44am


Alright, now THAT works '=D

Thanks a lot, man.


Jan 27, 2013 2:08pm

Thanks for the tip! I added that to my chrome url bar search engines as "OkCupid Question", aliased to "okq", so I can type okq [space] and whatever I am searching for.

Along the same lines, you can permalink a question by its id, like if you know them (they are embedded in the page source code, so in Chrome you can right-click a question, pick "Inspect Element" and see a bracketed p id="qtext_359414" class="qtext" before "Do you believe that falling in love with someone you have talked or written to but have never met is the most genuine way to come to love a person?", grab the 359414 and paste it into the URL – or just install a user script that turns all those questions to links for you in the page, like the one I just made up.

You want to run Greasemonkey to do that on Firefox, and might want to run Tampermonkey to do the same in Chrome, as Google made the UX for installing these horrendous since chrome 21 last summer (being a real user script geek myself, I run a personalized branch of dotjs myself, so I can whip up a new user script at will without having to install it – by saving it in an aptly named version controlled directory I can easily share with you guys :-).

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