Dec 28, 2011 7:02pm

Nice. I thought I had finally been stuck witha tv purchase after 8 returns since my 30 day return period ended yesterday. Now i read that any purchase between November 13 and December 24 allows you to have until almost mid January tor eturn. Thus I can try some more tvs if I need to. At least now I'm down to two choices... I want one bigger than the one I got, but the problem is the bigger ones had been giving me some eye issue. Now I can buy the bigger one again (the others technically had some defects so I am getting the same model for a THIRD time from Amazon) to be sure I can't get it to work for my eyes. The smaller one is the same model and is bothering my eyes less and less so I thus wodnered if maybe the bigger is worth one more try. :P

Dec 28, 2011 10:37pm

inb4 Freud shows up to explain


Dec 29, 2011 5:11pm

I wonder how many salesmen have quietly run into the back of the store to commit suicide when they see you sauntering through the door?


Dec 29, 2011 6:35pm

You remind of my friend's older brother.  He settled with Samsung, but was briefly smitten with Sony's XBR-something.


Dec 30, 2011 4:45am

fizzly, none. I've bought them from a lot of different places. And usually online. The only one I have returned to a local store is one to walmart. And if I return this one it will be to best buy. I have returned 4 to Amazon, but a couple of them were borderline defective in my opinion. I just ordered yet another from Amazon after asking them to be sure they will still honor a return.

brush, I have always bought Sony, but now after trying plasmas I realize how more realistic they are. Only problem is the plasmas are doing weird things to my eyes and the smaller I go the less eye problems... but then it's too small to be as enjoyable. For the same price as the current XBR you can get two or three plasmas. They have issues as well.... but I have felt like they have less issues than led tvs at this point.

In case anyone cares... the models I have tried are sony 46hx729, sony 46hx820, sony ex500, samsung 51pn7000 (the best of all, but killed my eyes), lg 55lw5600, panasonic 42st40, panasonic 46st30. The samsung one I bought twice and I just now bought the 46 inch panasonic for the third time...

I'm not one to take advanatage of return policies. This situation has been very unusual. Almost EVERY tv has bothered my eyes and/or had defects. the only one that didn't bother my eyes had a crappy picture and no 3D. I sure hope I somehow get this 46 inch one working for me because Amazon just cut it $100 and less than two weeks ago it was cut another $100. So I would be paying LESS for it than the 42 cost me at Best Buy. I;'m thinking maybe if I sit a larger distance away possibly it wont bother my eyes too much. I think I tried it before, but oh well had to give it one mroe shot.

Dec 30, 2011 4:48am

By the way... it is a bit embarrassing though in that the SAME GUY keeps coming to deliver most I have bought from online and has to pick them back up when I return them. And really he's not supposed to be putting the stand together and moving it around for me, but keeps doing it and packing them back up for me. So he's probably annoyed by now. A few timeas he wasn't delviering them and I just put them together myself.

Dec 30, 2011 4:52am

And in case anyone wants any opinions... one thing I am finding is that all the things you hear about plasmas better at this and leds better at that are very much exaggerated and sometimes wrong. The plasma has been WORSE with gaming lag, not better, despite many claiming plasmas have less lag. None of the plasmas have had burn in for me. yes they're way too dark, but not as much as people act like. Yes led sets are brighter, but they're way TOO bright. So a lot of claims don't hold true in all cases. For most people I would say buy a samsung plasma. But the 51 was toob ig for where I am using this tv and that's the samllest size for a 1080p samsung plasma.

Dec 31, 2011 9:02pm

This is such a headache (literally). I read that if left untreated head pressure can elad to comas and paralysis and other bad things. I'm not sure if it meant iif the CAUSE is a brain tumor or something else major or if it meant the pressure ITYSELF. Because the plasmas continue to cause head pressure for me. I was going to ignore it, but if it could be serious then I'll have to return yet 2 more tvs. Maybe i'll have to ekep the Sony rather than let them pick it back up... Then I'll have eye issues, but no head issues. And it caused no eye issues the first week so i could watch it a week, then watch my old tv for a few days to relieve it, repeat. But I just hate to go back to led now that I've seen the amazing texture in plasma picture vs. the more flat lcd/led picture.

Jan 5, 2012 6:37am

This is getting so ridiculous. I can tell from the serial number I've got yet ANOTHER defective plasma. I'm going to open it and see if it has bad buzzing and if it doesn't and I decide to keep it then I can get it fixed via someone showing up. Otherwise it's got to go back yet AGAIN. Bad enough all these tvs bother my eyes. Now I have to keep getting defective oens to boot. How they can still be sending old build dates beats me.

Jan 14, 2012 10:37pm

lol. As usual I find evidence to back me up on some things I was mocked for. It's funny how often people mock myclaims and I am right all along. these idiots claiemd if I don't see flicker on a plasma then flicker is not why ihave health issues. Now I just read that many people suffer effects from "subliminal flicker" where you can't quite see flickering, but it's happening and bothering your eyes without you realizing it at first. Sometiems I can see it ALMOST flicker too. Now if only I could reduce the flicker.

Jan 15, 2012 2:03pm

Well went ahead and returned that one no problem. So just down to the two 46 inch oens now. If I couldjust get this stupid crap to stop happening to my eyes and ehad a 50 inch is really what I would want. Anything over 50 is too big for where I am putting it though. i tried a 51 a while back and it about made me get sick. Although I did ALMOST adjust to it, but not quite.

Jan 18, 2012 12:49pm

Oh man. Now Amazon told me that if I would rather keep this current tv and have Panasonic fix this easy to fix issue they will refund me another $140. I have to decide whether to get a replacement tv which will hopefully be newer or save $140 and ekep this one. I may just try one more replacement and then could ask for the $140, but I wouldn't want to ask for it if the enw one indeed has the fix already because I don't like being dishonest. ALthough I could maybe convince them tos till do it just due to this hassle of constant returns. :p

Jan 25, 2012 10:12am



This thread isn't about the OP not making it to the short bus on time.



Jan 25, 2012 11:22am

This thread isn't about the OP not making it to the short bus on time.

Mayo frequently misses the short bus when he forgets his helmet with the Link stickers and has to run home to get it.

I proved this in the other thread and mayo even admitted it.



Jan 25, 2012 11:23am

lol, wow.

Jan 25, 2012 1:20pm

Wow, I wasn't aware Mayo started his own personal blog on OKCupid!


Jan 26, 2012 11:04am

I'd only bumped this because someone asked another poster if they ever saw this OP talk to himself.

This pretty clearly demonstrates that he does.



Jan 26, 2012 1:09pm

And? The posts most of you make are so pathetic that it really kind of makes no sense to say anything about what I am posting. It's kind of like a murderer saying how wrong a parent is for spanking their kid.

On topic I now bought another tv, my 12th so far. I bought this one from best buy as well. For anyone who is looking into tvs... if you don't ant to spend enough to get the sony hx929 full array set, you can get the nx720 and free Narnia starter kit form ebst buy for $999 which is a good tv for an edge lit. I haven't tried it yet though. I've triwed the hx729 and hx820 before, though, and the nx720 is basically a little of each of those. It supposedly has horrendously bad 3D though. I am probably still going to shell out the $2300 for an hx929 and see if it's truly better enough tow arrant paying mroe than double and keeping it.

Jan 27, 2012 5:31am

You're so angry, dude.

Jan 27, 2012 6:41am

Probably dumbest reply yet.

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