Organizing your Visitors, Bookmarks, and Ratings.


Seeing Who Visited Your Profile

A list of your recent visitors appears on your Welcome page. You can see a longer list on the Visitors page.

Browsing Anonymously

If you don’t want OkCupid members to know you visited their profile, you can choose to browse anonymously. Learn more about it on our Privacy help page.


View Your Bookmarks

Bookmarks appear in your sidebar (under your profile image and your sidebar matches). If you don't see all your Bookmarks listed, expand the list by clicking “Show offline Bookmarks.”

You can also view all your Bookmarks on your Bookmarks page.

Adding Bookmarks

To add someone to your Bookmarks list, visit that person’s profile and click the “Save” button in the top right.

Removing Bookmarks

To remove someone from your Bookmarks, click the “X” next to their username in the left-hand sidebar.

You can also go to the person’s profile and click the “Remove” button (it’s in exactly the same place “Save” was before you added them).

Lastly, on your Bookmarks page, you can hover over the person until the “Remove” button appears.

We don’t alert the person if you remove them from your Bookmarks. It’ll be our little secret!


Liking Other Profiles

There are three ways to like profiles:

  1. You can like potential matches in Quickmatch.
  2. When you visit a profile, you can give that person a like at the top-right, by clicking the “Like” button.
  3. On your Browse Matches page, you can like users by clicking the “Like” button on their card.

To learn more about how likes are used to match you with others, take a look at the Quickmatch help page.

Editing A Past Rating

You can adjust any past rating wherever that rating appears: on someone’s profile, on the Who You Like page, and on your Bookmarks page.

Just hover over their current rating and select a new number of stars to give them.

View All Ratings

We have a lovely Who You Like page where you can view all the profiles you’ve rated.

From here, you can re-rate profiles.