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Show Profile Only to OkCupid Users

Want to hide your profile from people who aren’t signed in? This option is available on the Account tab in Settings page. Check the box that says “Make my profile viewable only to other members who are signed in.”

Hiding Users

If you don’t want a particular person appearing in your Match Search, Quickmatch, Welcome and sidebar matches, or in your Visitors list, you can hide them. Hiding is reciprocal, and will also stop you from appearing in all of the same areas for the person you hid. Read more about hiding OkCupid members on the Matches help page.

Note that this will not prevent them from messaging you; if you want to block a member, see below.

Personal Information

Information We Collect

You can read more about what information we collect and how we use it in our Privacy Policy.

Information Available To Others

Other OkCupid members can see what you put in your profile: your photos, your essays, your details, your public questions, and what you’re looking for.

Other users never get to see your real name (which we don’t collect), your email address, or any other personal information.

“Recent Activity”

Some actions you do on the site may appear on potential matches’ Welcome page under “Recent Activity.”

  • Upload a photo
  • Update your status (like changing from ’single’ to ’seeing someone’)
  • Update your profile essays
  • Answer a match question publicly


We use HTTPS to protect your most important data. We use it for:

  • Your username and password during login
  • Your credit card information


Blocking People

If someone annoying messages you, you can use the “Block Them” button at the bottom of their messages.

Unblocking A Blocked Member

If you blocked someone but had a change of heart, just return to their profile. There will be a button to unblock them at the top of the screen.

Harassment & Spam

We take harassment, spam, and other Terms & Conditions violations very, very seriously. This is our house!

If the offending member is harassing you, spamming you, or otherwise making OkCupid a bad place to be, please let us know by reporting them. Doing so is completely confidential, and we will deal swiftly with the problem.

To report somone, visit their profile and click on the flag icon next to the ‘Hide’ button at the top.

Please note: we DO allow married, gay, and transgender people on OkCupid, so reporting them won’t get them deleted. Please read the Terms & Conditions before reporting.