OkCupid Support

Your Profile

Editing Your Profile

Editing your profile is easy: click the square green pencil icon next to what you want to edit.

For example, to edit your age, status, or location, go to your profile and click the square green pencil icon at the top of the page. A box should open for you to edit your basic information.

You can do likewise to edit your profile essays and your personal details.

Writing Profile Essays

Your profile essays show potential matches who you are and why they should date you. So express yourself! Make sure to be honest, specific, and fun. That way, matches who message you will have plenty to talk about.

If you don’t want to fill out a section, just leave it blank. We’ll leave it off your profile.

Managing Profile Photos

You can see all the photos you’ve uploaded by visiting your Photos page. Use this page to upload new photos, edit the captions for your photos, or delete photos.

Photo Rules

Your photos must follow Staff Robot’s rules. The rules ensure that you will see real people, and they will see the real you.

  • You must appear in the photo!
  • No full nudity.
  • No extreme closeups.
  • No pets, cards, baby photos, artwork, images you’ve added yourself to, etc.

Please follow the rules! We’ll be sad if we have to delete your photos.

Reordering Your Photos

On your Photos page, you can use the “Manage your photos” panel on the right side of the screen to re-order your uploaded photos. Hover over the three strips next to the photo, click, and drag it to its new position.

Choosing Your Main Profile Photo

Your most recently uploaded profile photo automatically becomes your main profile photo. That’s the photo that appears when someone searches for you or sees you in their Visitors list.

On desktop, click on your profile photo and then select "Photos of you". In the right sidebar, click and drag the photo you want to be your main photo to the top of the stack. Your profile image should automatically update.

Deleting Photos

To remove a photo from OkCupid, go to your Photos page and click “Delete” next to the photo on the panel on the right.