• The Misnomer Test

    The Misnomer Test


    There are a lot of tests that you will take on here. Most of them claim to be "different" in some way, some of them are. This test strives to be ori...

  • The

    The " Are You A True Christian?" Test


    Are you someone who claims to be a Christian? This test will accurately determine your current standing in the faith according to the scriptures.

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    The Can You Date My Friend Liz Test

    by lucidmuse

    It takes a special kind of person to date my friend Liz--the kind of person who can handle random bouts of The Princess Bride or Shakespeare, who can ...

  • The Bumper Erudition Test

    The Bumper Erudition Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Bumper Erudition Test. I'll be using advanced logic, astronomical analysis, and rocket science to determine how erudite, intelli...

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    The Book Characters & Situations Test

    by shygirlnew

    Hi! And welcome to my Book Characters & Situations Test. I will see if you know some of the more intricate parts of stories, and there will be easy q...

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