• The Scientific Optimism Test

    The Scientific Optimism Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Scientific Optimism Test. This test is taken directly from a book called Learned Optimism (Seligman, 1998). Don't think too har...

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    The So Much Yummier Batman Returns Test


    A "Batman Returns" test? You might be thinking this is a little eh. In actuality, it's a LOT eh! Slip into your vinyl and sharpen your claws. How 'bo...

  • The Saved by the Bell Test

    The Saved by the Bell Test


    Welcome to my Saved By the Bell: Personality Test. Since the end of the 1990s, man pondered the existence of the Screeches in the world. Who is mo...

  • The Steve Irwin Test

    The Steve Irwin Test


    Steve Irwin was not only a legendary Crocodile Wrestler but he was also an astute judge of character. This is the famous test Steve is reported to ha...

  • The Wives of Henry VIII Test

    The Wives of Henry VIII Test


    So you've found my test, have you? Why not take it and see how much you know about the lives of the wives of Henry VIII, King of England? The test...

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