• The 'Clerks' character Test

    The 'Clerks' character Test


    I've seen Clerks eleventy-billion times, so I'm pretty sure I could predict what Clerks character you are. To get the most accurate reading, please d...

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    The Supreme Jay and Silent Bob Test

    by Death49

    Hello, this the Supreme Jay and Silent Bob film test. This is the ultimate test of any Kevin Smith fan. It maybe long but if you think you know anythi...

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    The Clerks II Test


    Hi, and welcome to my clerks II test. This is my first time writing a test and I think it will be pretty easy for those out there that are Kevin Smit...

  • The Kevin Smith Test

    The Kevin Smith Test

    by meiguru

    Everyone loves a good flick, and Kevin Smith knows how to make'em (well, we won't count Jersey Girl!) So if you're a fan of this writer/director/acto...

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