• The cruel daydreams Test

    The cruel daydreams Test


    Welcome to my test.. just a few questions to find out how well we would be togeather. Like, as a couple. Not the other thing. Well, maybe the other th...

  • The Klein Sexuality Test

    The Klein Sexuality Test

    by Rhuth

    In 1947, Alfred Charles Kinsey performed research on human sexuality that profoundly influenced social and cultural values in the United States and ma...

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    The Thoughtful Test


    Ever found yourself staring into space? Daydreaming about anything? Having a reverie in the middle of class? Thinking about life while eating? So en...

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    The everything about yourself Test


    This test is my second of three tests. this test has been designed from the ground up to tell you everything you could possibly want to know about y...

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    The Are You a Crunchy Frog? Test

    by fourwingfive

    Hi! And welcome to my Are You a Crunchy Frog? Test. Based on the work of Dr. Ernest Hartmann, on boundaries as a dimension of personality, this quick...

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