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    The 80s Goth Rock Star Test


    Enter if you dare the madness, the doom, the debauchery and despair that is the 80s Goth Rock Personality test! Just how much does anguish dominate yo...

  • The Alcohol and You! Test

    The Alcohol and You! Test


    Hi there, kids. After a long night of wild debauchery, as I play out the day-after pain and suffering, I have decided it was about time we sat down...

  • The Sexual Frustration...SUCKA! Test

    The Sexual Frustration...SUCKA! Test


    Greetings you sexually frustrated individual. I know… it's amazing that I know this. You must be asking yourself, "Oh wow, how did he know already!? I...

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    The partner or friends Test


    OK, your mates are hanging for you to go out, but your partner is giving you the edgy looks. The following questions are the progression for the nigh...

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