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    liberals/democrats + feminist ruins marriage (60%-90% breakup or divorce rate) and USA keeps on have more $T debt - keep on raise debt ceiling to 'shop till drop'=no future=enslave future generations born to pay debt=it's immoral; they ask me study on those: Interesting learning: 1)https://youtu.

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    If Jesus is the entire purpose of your life. If you have surrendered your life to him unconditionally. If in spite of this you still sin and fail and recognize that you're a broken, imperfect person who desperately needs him every single day. If you love people more than possessions....

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    being a bum while trying to pay off some debtnot in school and probably not heading back to UTnot a christian anymore but retained some moralsfinally ... my plan is to become debt free as quickly as possible so i can experience life to the fullest .

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    For starters: Just so you know, the pics of me singing with the microphone and the two ladies were at an event less than a year ago. The 3rd and 4th pics were just taken August29 & September 5th of 2010 so you can see that they are brand new pics. The other pics of the cowboy stuff and...

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  • The Money Shot

    The Money Shot

    by DJScratch-n-snif

    "You take the Blue Pill and you wake up in your own Bed, believe what you want to believe. Take the Red pill and i show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes".What do you 'really' know about Money li...

  • The Zeitgeist Part 2 (Addendum) Test

    The Zeitgeist Part 2 (Addendum) Test


    This is part two of my test.

  • The Canadian Political Test

    The Canadian Political Test


    There are a lot of US politics tests on here. This test is about placing you on the Canadian spectrum.

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    The Honest Maturity Level Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Honest Maturity Level Test. The whole goal here is to figure out if your greasy kid stuff who is cool for the moment or if you a...

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    The Money Test


    Hi! And welcome to the - Money Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine how much you know about money and finan...

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