• The Scottish Football Humiliation Test

    The Scottish Football Humiliation Test


    Scotland! Land of haggis, Irn-Bru, Burns, whisky, deep-fried mars bars, some castles and Dougie Donnelly! And one of the most consistently pathetic fo...

  • The Shredder and Iceman Test

    The Shredder and Iceman Test

    by bluebomber

    Hi! And welcome to my Shredder and Iceman Test. This is a fun test to see how good you are at guessing my childhood with my best friend. It is a twis...

  • The Racial Stereotype Test

    The Racial Stereotype Test


    This test is meant to be incredibly offensive towards every race possible. There are 4 variables & 16 total outcomes including mixes of everything and...

  • Default Test Image

    The Goldmember Test

    by SparkleyFairy

    The third Austin Powers movie 'Goldmember' is but the best. And you know it. OR DO YOU??

  • The REAL BUSTED Test

    The REAL BUSTED Test


    I have seen the test here on okcupid. and it was NOT a tribute to the greatness of busted. so i decided that i would write mi own one. to see if there...

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