• The Memory Downfall Test

    The Memory Downfall Test

    by Jessikitty8

    Find out how good your chances are of having a downfalling memory! (for all ages and steretypes)

  • The Evil Overlord Test

    The Evil Overlord Test


    Most Evil Overlords are half-breed wannabes, and some are just downright incompetent clowns.  However, sometimes, a truly superior, evil, hyper-intelligent Evil Overlord comes along, and subjugat...

  • The Boy Meets World Character Test

    The Boy Meets World Character Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Boy Meets World Character Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. YEAH RIGHT! This test ...

  • Default Test Image

    The Are you a Tremors Buff Test


    Ok, have you ever thought maybe you've watched the Tremors movies one too many times? I have! I have been watching working on this quiz for a few days...

  • Default Test Image

    The Obscure Vocabulary I Test

    by darkartificer

    This is the 20 word vocabulary test. Each word is verifiable as being a word that has been used in the English language. Most if not all are obscure o...

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